Strike wave without precedent for decades: What is to come?

It seems that the majority of these protests are in non-union work places, and in the places where the workers have a union, there is no record of the union leadership playing any role in organizing or even encouraging the protests and walk-outs. In case after case, all the union leaders do is appeal to the governor or the employers to ensure safe conditions. If the politicians and the employers were going to do that, they would have done so already. Even New York governor Andrew Cuomo, in his famous daily press briefings has completely ignored the situation of the Amazon warehouse workers.

Oakland Socialist

Map of strikes and worker protests in US

A wave of strikes and walk-outs that is unprecedented in numbers is sweeping the United States. It’s largely flown under the radar because the capitalist press in general isn’t reporting on it and even the most liberal of capitalist politicians (e.g. Governors Cuomo and Newsom) won’t comment on it. Yet despite the unprecedented (in many, many decades) numbers, an even bigger and nationally-coordinated similar wave will be necessary if workers aren’t to lose even more than they already have.

Meat packing workers
By far, the best source for following this strike wave is
. (Oaklandsocialist urges readers to subscribe to their daily updates and send a little money their way.) Their May 6 update, for example, reports that there have been over 184 strikes and worker protests and walk-outs. These include trash haulers in New Orleans and workers in…

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