General Strike Campaign Growing In The United States; Begins On May Day

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG.


Over the last two years, there have been record numbers of worker strikes in the United States not seen since the depression. Since the recession and COVID-19 pandemic started this winter, there have been many wildcat strikes in response to workers having their pay cut and being required to work in hazardous conditions even though they are deemed essential. Now, as the government demonstrates its unwillingness to provide basic protection for the population even as it injects billions of dollars to big industries and banks, support for a general strike is here. We speak with Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson about the plans being made for the first general strike on May Day, what that will look like and how the campaign will be sustained over time.

Popular Resistance is holding a national Zoom meeting on April 29 to provide information on ways people can participate in, support and amplify the first of many general strikes. More information at



1 thought on “General Strike Campaign Growing In The United States; Begins On May Day

  1. Great Article
    Another reason for a general strike in this sick devil administration. We are all expendible. We see it from their covid response.
    Sick devils
    Kerry-Anne Mendoza


    This is why Trump shows every sign of getting his second term: Centrist Democrats. We won’t forgive or forget the role of centrists in enabling the far-right across the West.…

    Neither the human race, nor American democracy, nor the US economy will survive more of this. Our further existence as a species depends on you.  

    We have just 6.5 months to save our species.  
    deregulated dangerous reactors like Fermi, that is ready to blow. more space junk with several reactors and cores in space. abrogation of Nuclear treaties. Tactical nukes on submarines
    Renewed Nuclear posturing and cold wars
    Every possible outrage, corporate dollar and dictatorial dirty trick is already being thrown at us.  

    It will take the biggest, best-coordinated local-state-national grassroots movement in history to dump the Trump Dictatorship.

     Please contact me at


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