Brazil’s Bolsonaro Out of Power Replaced by General

Meet the 3 Generals Shaping Bolsonaro’s Platform | Brasil Wire

Brazilian Military Curtails President Bolsonaro’s Power Over COVID19 Dispute

By Emir Sader, Brazil Wire

Note: On April 4 there were reports that General Walter Braga Netto was now the “operational president” of Brazil, with President Jair Bolsonaro effectively stripped of his decision-making powers. Netto, an Army General, had been the chief of staff for Bolsonaro. He was put in power by the Armed Forces’ high command after Bolsonaro was isolated by his cabinet, governors and other political leaders over his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initial reports came from Argentine investigative journalist Horacio Verbitsky. A high-ranking official of the Brazilian Army told his Argentine counterpart that Bolsonaro is no longer involved in decision making [..]


8 thoughts on “Brazil’s Bolsonaro Out of Power Replaced by General

    • This is just too obvious! You put up a moron for leader, set him up to think himself god, then squeeze him when his popularity becomes shaky when he goes overboard in some way. But who does the squeezing? Those who want the power of government for themselves. In most cases, that’s the military. Franco in Spain; Pinochet in Chile… well every dictator who has replaced a democratically or popularly “elected” government has done so with military support. If the story coming out of Brazil is even half true, the country is looking at long years of military dictatorship and that was obviously planned before Bolsonaro became president – the way I see it anyway. What happens now with Trump and the US military? What’s their plan for a successful coup? It would hinge on heightened propaganda describing a massive increase in COVID-19 deaths forcing a combined medical-drug-military junta to “temporarily” assume control of all government apparatus to prevent civil disorder and chaos… and save lives, of course. As with Brazil and Bolsonaro, Trump could remain as a figurehead president until he dies of a convenient heart attack which no one familiar with his physical condition would question. Then lock in the “state of emergency” for the unforeseeable future. Just thinking out loud…


      • That’s why they picked him, just like Trump. They’re the easiest to manipulate and at the same time, to demonize when the time comes to replace them. Savior one day, demon the next and all along the sacred military is ready to “serve” to preserve law and order. “And the people bowed and prayed, to the neon god they made…”

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