$15 MILLION REWARD: US Indicts Maduro for Narcotics Trafficking

RT | March 26, 2020

The US State Department is dangling millions of dollars in reward money in exchange for information that could be used to arrest Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, his VP, or other senior officials on drug trafficking charges.

The eye-popping reward of up to $15 million is being offered for “information related to Nicolas Maduro Moros” with regard to his alleged involvement in “international narcotics trafficking,” the State Department announced on Thursday, signaling a hard shift in its regime-change policy against the socialist nation.

Tips leading to the narcotrafficking arrest or conviction of National Constituent Assembly President Diosdado Cabello Rondon, retired generals Hugo Carvajal Barrios and Clive Alcala Cordones, or Minister for Industry and National Production Tareck Zaidan El Aissami Maddah can net as much as $10 million, the statement continued.

The rewards were unveiled on the same day as the US Justice Department unsealed indictments against the Venezuelan leaders for the same drug trafficking crimes – suggesting that Washington’s evidence isn’t as solid as Attorney General William Barr has claimed.

Indictments in Miami and New York accuse the officials of participating in a “narco-terrorism conspiracy” with Colombian guerrilla group FARC, to “flood the United States with cocaine.” But if evidence against Maduro and his compatriots is at such a premium that the State Department will pay $15 million for it, the Venezuelans are unlikely to see the inside of a US court anytime soon […]

via US State Dept offers $15 MILLION REWARD for help arresting Venezuela’s Maduro after indictments

7 thoughts on “$15 MILLION REWARD: US Indicts Maduro for Narcotics Trafficking

  1. It is pretty simple here. When ANY country or leaders out sell the CIA’s “blow-sales” then the CIA “blows” their cover. In business language it is called shifting market forces.

    But in street language:
    It is really blowing the blow cover exposing the blow to boost blow sales from the leading blow seller and give the competition a blown cover for their blow! Kinda’ blows one’s mind and that’s the hard core kind!

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    • To be honest, I am really skeptical that Madura is trafficking cocaine. This is a very old script. The main reason the CIA/State Department are losing control of the global narrative is they keep trotting out these old tired scripts no one believes any more.

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      • Did anyone even believe it the first time they rolled it out.
        They had to take the army in to take out Noriega, right?

        When the pusher gets too smart ass and takes a bigger cut ACTION has to be taken! It does play well at home, Tubularsock guesses.


  2. Right, Tube.

    The US CIA gets really jealous when anyone upstages them in narcotics trafficking. They’re also having a hard time controlling the opium trade, what with Afghanistan’s corner on that corner of the world. And now some US states are legalizing marijuana.

    Poor CIA and Federal government. They seem to be losing relevance fast. Maybe they can manufacture a disease crisis to save face.

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