Coronavirus walks into America’s severely inept medical system, and, and, and

We aren’t in uncharted territory, we’re actually witnessing, in real time, how deeply fucked up our medical system is and how one virus that sweeps the nation wipes it out.

Mock Paper Scissors

trump is an idiot

Be sure to stick around for the post-apocalyptic to do list at the end…

I’m immuno-compromised. I have medical PTSD. I need 90-days’ worth of prescriptions, which my doctors have approved because they’re smart, and they don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m arguing with my pharmacist to call my insurance company NOW, to ask them if they’ll approve my scripts for 90-days, though 30-days’ worth are due in 10-days. If I need to fight with my insurance company – and I probably do, because they’re a FUCKING INSURANCE COMPANY, known for derailing policy holders, not helping them, I need to know RIGHT NOW.

My thyroid’s skewing hyperthyroid, so I’m extra paranoid, a bit more rage-y and on edge. I’m relishing explosive diarrhea and itching from the inside out. I need bloodwork so I can get a dosage change and level out. My doctor’s medical assistant has been with her…

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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus walks into America’s severely inept medical system, and, and, and

  1. well. im not sure how to put this. its certainly no silver lining, but maybe its ‘good’ that this is happening just before the election. perhaps people will panic and instead of being stampeded into something harmful the gov wants, like war or mass surveillance, the sales will fall from their eyes and they will swarm towards the only candidate that wants to fix the healthcare system and bernie will win by a landslide. even trump cultist might jump ship for something that might actually save their lives.


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