Tap Water Samples From Nations Around The World Are Contaminated With Plastic Fibres

The US had the highest rate of contamination, at a staggering 94%. Plastic fibres were found in the drinking water of Trump Tower in New York, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters, and at multiple other sites, including Congress buildings.

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Source:  Alanna Ketler

  • The Facts:An investigation by Orb Media had tap water samples from more than a dozen nations around the world analyzed by scientists, and they found that a shocking 83 percent of the samples were contaminated with plastic fibres.
  • Reflect On:Should plastic manufacturing be illegal now, especially given the fact that it can be replaced with a number of biodegradable options?

Water is life, but you wouldn’t know that after witnessing what’s happening around the world. We’re destroying our environment and constantly releasing harmful toxins into the veins of Mother Earth, who can only take so much.

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We have the ability and the technology to clean up our water systems and start producing our products and energy in clean green ways, but industry corruption and red-tape prolong the process. At the same time, disease rates are rising at an exponential rate, and it’s…

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6 thoughts on “Tap Water Samples From Nations Around The World Are Contaminated With Plastic Fibres

  1. Good point, Rosaliene. There’s no question it will alter gene expression (the way genes influence protein production). You have to wonder if this explains increased miscarriages and birth defects found in many areas.


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