U.S. Intel Briefs Bernie Sanders That Russia is Trying to Boost His Presidential Run

By Patrick Henningsen | 21st Century Wire | February 21, 2020

“It’s like a nightmare, isn’t it? It just keeps getting worse and worse.”
– Grady Seasons in The Color of Money

Just when you thought America would eventually get over its addiction to scapegoating The Russians!™ for helping any anti-establishment or political outsider to get elected, there they go again.

As I predicted earlier this morning, it was only a question of time before the US establishment would blame those dastardly Russians for Bernie Sanders double-digit lead in national polls.

It was only yesterday, when we learned how the “IC” aka the vaunted Intelligence Community (a verified oxymoron at this point) has finally decided that the Russians are already active behind the scenes trying to swing the 2020 US Presidential Election in favor of President Trump.

Then 24 hours later the great paragon of honest journalism, the Washington Post, then tells us that intelligence officials have briefed Senator Bernie Sanders about how Russia is attempting to elevate his presidential campaign (no actual specifics were given, only a gut feeling we’re told) as part of a grand plot to “interfere with the Democratic contest.”

Of course, the Post’s source for this ‘bombshell’ was no one specific, just “according to people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence” […]

via U.S. Intel Briefs Bernie Sanders That Russia is Trying to Boost His Presidential Run

25 thoughts on “U.S. Intel Briefs Bernie Sanders That Russia is Trying to Boost His Presidential Run

  1. same play. hup one! hup two!
    and Bernie, instead of saying thats bullshit from people who have lost all credibility, accepts it as factual.
    hup one! Hup two! russia is interfering w U.S. elections. say it often enough and it becomes true. brainwashing 101. repeat repeat repeat. then repeat again.


    • But what’s the big deal? American politics are a bullshit game, regardless what ends up in the “white washed house” and why should the Russians stay out of a game America has been playing for 200 years, all over the world, including heavily influencing, if not determining, Canadian election results? Americans invade and slaughter to accomplish regime change. At least, so far, barring the Soviet era, the “Russians” are just using computers and propaganda, not quite the same… assuming they are indeed involved. To me, screwing with American election results would be a total waste of time unless it’s Russian hacker kids amusing themselves in which case I hope they have a lot of fun doing it and get better at it too.


        • Sanders is another robot, just like JFK. They’ll play the game differently in some parts to add colour but they can’t play outside the preset rules ‘of order.’ The ultimate winning aspect of American politics is to promote at least one demonized enemy and either go to war, or threaten to go to war in support of the hegemony. Nothing good can ever come from the political side of things, that’s a foregone conclusion. Trump played the game of the swamp drainer; the independent candidate and that was a beyond complete lie from an accomplished liar. Sanders plays the role of the popular representative hoping to win and by satisfying the greed of the real rulers, perhaps pass some popular measures like health care for all and school lunches, none of which addresses the real problems of that [remaining nameless] nation. America, whatever that is, or the 50 little nations gathered under the hated wings of Washington/Pentagon/Langley/Wall Street, is/are a disintegrating empire in which all the misery, problems and gargantuan thefts it has perpetrated worldwide are coming home to roost and to end there, as all empires end – cf; Rome (Italy), Mongolia, France, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Holland and a long list of others before that. The glory days are over, were over post Vietnam, but the numbnuts born and raised under the stingy largesse (sadly not an oxymoron) of the empire cannot conceive of things having changed and now having to bear the costs of the empire from their own resources and taxes. The reality of the end is going to be harsh, uncompromising and pitiless. It’s called karma. If Sanders had ever been a real threat the establishment would have eliminated him: a simple heart attack, victim of an disgruntled assassin’s bullet, terrorist attack, virus. That they haven’t done so speaks louder than any words.


  2. Well, Tubularsock agrees with Sha’Tara to a degree BUT Tubularsock would rather be deceived by Bernie than any of the assholes running so let it be.

    And just to be sure, Tubularsock sent his mail-in ballot to the Kremlin just to be sure that it is counted honestly!



  3. Well DrB and nomad, when it comes to controlled elections we don’t have much of a choice. Now do we.

    Look at the options.

    Corporate shills or Bernie.

    nomad …….. So you believe Sanders who has been on the same page damn near his entire life plotted from his early days to FINALLY get into a position to steer “progressives” into backing another corporate democrap?

    Last time the election was stolen from him and he slowly backed Killery so as not to go down in history as the guy who helped the democraps lose to Dump!

    Leaving that for Killery to accomplish on her own.

    If this happens again, Bernie may just win the election as a third party candidate.
    Just what does he have to lose?

    And nomad, Tubularsock assumes that your “go buttigieg” facetious as well as the article you provided the link to. Is that a correct assumption?

    It appears that Bernie is the only candidate that doesn’t have some kind of past ties with the CIA. Or at least that is what Tubularsock has found so far ……. but Tubularsock never trusts anyone especially Tubularsock!

    Been fun but Tubularsock has to get back to muckraking …….. cheers!

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    • “nomad …….. So you believe Sanders who has been on the same page damn near his entire life plotted from his early days to FINALLY get into a position to steer “progressives” into backing another corporate democrap?”

      yep. thats the way it seems. im as surprised as you. slowly, you say? didnt seem that way. he shoulda raised hell and run as an independent instead of encouraging his followers to vote for the bitch that stole the nomination from him. if it barks like a sheepdog then hey.

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      • nomad, Tubularsock too was not pleased with Bernie’s decision last time around after Killery fucked him over.

        But Tubularsock’s take, at the time, was he didn’t want to be the so called Ralph Nader of the election and have Killery to continue to bitch that it was Bernie that stole the election from her with her loss to Dump.

        So she had to substitute THE RUSSIANS! Go figure.

        But like an intelligent sheepdog, you don’t have to piss on every tree, just the one that counts!

        Cheers ………


    • “Well DrB and nomad, when it comes to controlled elections we don’t have much of a choice. Now do we.”

      its almost like we live in a fake democracy. maybe we should stop endorsing it with our vote? just saying.

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      • nomad, Tubularsock understands the no vote position but Tubularsock always feels like a vote for “good” is like lighting a candle for “truth”.

        No, it may not wipe out darkness but it may be a beacon for others to know they are not alone.

        Sure it’s crazy BUTTTT, like one ripple in a lake continues in a wider arc.

        And bottom line, what else do you have to do, anyway.

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        • My vote doesnt count, Tube. The place I live is solidly Republican. (I forget whether thats red or blue.)

          “Tubularsock understands the no vote position but Tubularsock always feels like a vote for “good” is like lighting a candle for “truth”.

          I used to believe that until Obama. I found out the lesser evil I voted for was not lesser at all. It was just evil. My vote for “good” (which didnt count anyway) turned out to be a vote for evil. An endorsement of evil. Bernie is saying some good things. Medicare for all. We need that. But is it  wrapped up in evil?

          “On Israel, Sanders calls for a continuation of the current level of US military and civilian aid and opposes the immediate return of the US embassy from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

          Sanders backed sanctions on Iraq from 1990 – 2003, responsible for the deaths of 1.2 million children under age-five.

          He supported the rape of Yugoslavia and 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF).

          Bernie Sanders backs the putschist regime in Ukraine. He voted for the 2014 Ukraine Freedom Support Act – authorizing lethal and other aid for the country’s military to wage war on its own people.

          He’s silent about America’s rape and destruction of one country after another, supporting US-led war to topple Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria.

          He shamefully called Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez a dead communist dictator.
          He backs illegal US occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere, along with supporting Israeli aggression against defenseless Gazans.”


          In addition to being McCarthyist he is apparently imperialist, like all the other presidential contenders. I just dont know if Medicare for all is worth endorsing this evil empire. Yet again.

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          • Thankfully I don’t have a “vote” on your benighted side of the border but I’m with you all the way in these revelations nomad. I didn’t realize turncoat Sanders was that deeply in bed with the US imperial militaristic murder machine, but since that is “the” real political platform of all Democraps (“We came, we saw, he died, hahahahah, guffaw, guffaw”) no surprise at all. Thanks for the research and exposing rank hypocrisy. Between a liar and a hypocrite, I’d have more trust in the liar.

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            • Sha’Tara, just to be clear.

              Bernie has NEVER, that Tubularsock is aware of, said that he was a “peacenik” by any means. So a liar he is not. Nor does this make him a hypocrite.

              He only voted against Bush’s entry into the Iraq War.

              nomad’s list of foreign policies decisions that Bernie did support is accurate and not to Tubularsock’s liking but Sanders has never hidden his positions on these decisions.

              One does not get very far in American politics if you are not willing to blow somebody up somewhere in the name of FREEDOM!



          • Now nomad, step-en-fetch-it Obummer does present a depressing picture.

            Tubularsock was not taken in as many were by that slick-talken’ Kneegrow!

            That fucker was the perfect plant ……. no argument there!

            And if it gives you any comfort, Tubularsock’s vote doesn’t count either because Tubularsock lives in a place that is solidly Dem-o-crap-ic.

            Tubularsock has never voted the the lesser of anything!

            Tubularsock votes for what Tubularsock is willing to stand behind within this imperfect society and is willing for a candidate to have weaknesses. After all they are all just people.

            Tubularsock is aware of Bernie’s foreign policy positions which has been the major drawback to backing his run for the presidency.

            However, under the circumstances, the foreign policy positions of ALL the candidates run about the same. We’ve seen how far Talsi got even “thinking” about peace!

            War and world domination is pretty much what the U.S. has been up to and there is little hope of shifting that anytime soon.

            So that leaves domestic policy and as a good pipe dream goes ……. spending huge sums of money on health, education, infrastructure MAY (remember you are still in the pipe dream) take money from being the policeman of the world and put it into more positive and productive endeavors.

            Chances are slim, very slim, BUT a “happy” society leans away from war and the general attitude of the public currently is toward less engagement in endless war.

            Bernie’s policy focus may be a tipping point.

            And really …….. what is the alternative, in truth?

            And Tubularsock is way too aware to not already be disappointed with Bernie’s performance if he is elected.

            He will have a huge uphill fight from day one and the money powered monolith will be in open display.

            Bernie has at least a functioning brain ……….. so who knows until you open the next door.

            And setting all this above aside …….. you are probably correct.


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            • Thanks.
              “Tubularsock has never voted the the lesser of anything!”

              Sure you have. Thats why you put “good” in quotes. Its not really good. Its only good in relation to the alternative: the greater evil (usually Republican). Thats all thats available to conscientious voters. I myself have never voted FOR any president. Ive voted AGAINST the alternative. When both choices are evil the best a voter can do is vote against the evil that is most destructive. That is the essence of lesser evilism. And that is what you have described in your philosophy of who to vote for. You choose based on the candidate you see as less evil than the other. But this is just semantics. You can call the candidate “good” in quotes if you must. I call it lesser evil..

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