97% of Antibiotics Are Made in China

Written by Ethan Huff


Roughly five months before the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) reared its ugly head, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission held a hearing about America’s growing reliance on Chinese pharmaceuticals. And one of the things discussed – or perhaps admitted, depending on how you look at it – is the fact that a shocking 97 percent of all antibiotics in the United States now come from China.

During the discussion, Gary Cohn, who was President Trump’s chief economic advisor at the time, warned against the Commander-in-Chief waging a trade war against China because China could retaliate by simply cutting off the supply of life-saving medications to our own citizens.

“If you’re the Chinese and you want to really just destroy us, just stop sending us antibiotics,” Cohn stated, citing a report by the Department of Commerce showing that nearly all antibiotics are now made in China.

It was almost a shot heard ’round the world concerning the national security risks inherent to a U.S.-China trade war, seeing as how not just antibiotics but all other drugs, as well as many other consumer products, originate there. By outsourcing even our system of medicine to a communist country that in many ways hates us really wasn’t a smart thing to do, in other words.

But that’s where we currently stand nearly half a year later as Trump’s trade war has coincided with the unleashing of a deadly new virus that has the potential to become a global pandemic. We’re already seeing it spread to the four corners of the earth, including in areas where people didn’t necessarily even visit Wuhan, the epicenter of this latest disease outbreak […]


97% of antibiotics are made in China ‘supply chain Armageddon’

6 thoughts on “97% of Antibiotics Are Made in China

  1. I have no words. What really is our, Australia’s, relationship with China? With America? I don’t know anything anymore. How on earth can we be waging a trade war against China the way USA is planning it? It absolutel does not make sense to me!!


    • Yes, indeed, Stuart. We seem to be reliant on a lot of things from China. I did not know that it goes as far as growing to be reliant on Chinese pharmaceuticals: That is, if this goes for America, it probably goes for Australia too!


  2. Does the FDA have any say in this 98% of Chinese antibiotics which we Americans consume? It appears that no one in the US passes on their safety. Why do we need the FDA? Chinese antibiotics could be ‘anything’ Yes, difficult to understand other than the apparent fact that we are being had !! And no one cares.


    • Friendly reminder from across the border: your “American” system of things – all things – is strictly about money, specifically about profits, and more profits, in $$$ terms only. We call it predatory capitalism in which you, your health and wellbeing and that of your family are entirely irrelevant unless they cut into that profit margin, in which case they must be extracted from you. That’s your reality. It’s always been that way but at times the “extraction” pressure has been worse (think the dirty Thirties’ Great Depression) and eased off as in the Fifties and Sixties when the good times and profits from the Vietnam war made the “extractors” from Wall Street a little more relaxed (and helped make the book, Valley of the Dolls, the best seller of all times). They were sucking so much profit from Third World exploitation, manufactured revolutions and drugs that they allowed you to have a temporary break. That is no longer the case (or they just got greedier) so they are extracting their profits directly at your expense now, and will continue to do so until nothing is left worth taking.

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      • Thanks Sha Tara. You write the truth. I see my children and grand children with diabetes suffer from the rising cost of insulin and their bleak outlook as they wonder how they will stay alive … it breaks me up!


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