5G Is Great Until It’s Sitting in Your Front Yard

Panama City Beach passed on ordinance in which small wireless poles “are not permissible within 250 feet of the footprint of any dwelling, including attached garages, porches, and balconies. … Round-mounted equipment … shall not be permissible within 500 feet of any dwelling.”

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5G Is Great Until It’s Sitting in Your Front Yard

While 5G is supposed to be revolutionary when it comes to the telecommunications industry, it might have negative impacts on community life. From aesthetics to health, community concerns are driving the push back against 5G.

(TNS) — In 2019, the state of Florida passed legislation written by AT&T that limited the ability of local municipalities to govern the rollout of 5G.

While 5G provides “more data faster,” 5G frequencies do not travel very far. Telecom’s solution? “Small cell wireless facilities” approximately every 200 feet in public rights-of-way.

With competing telecom carriers and no requirement for co-location of equipment, you may have multiple pole installations in your front yard.

Health And Human Safety

Scientists in the study of electromagnetic field (EMF) and medical doctors from 42…

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