The Turkish Double Game In Syria

Great summary of Turkey’s role (commencing in 2011) in the war on Syria.

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U.S. and Turkish troops rendezvous for a joint patrol in the Northern Syria Buffer Zone on 4 October, 2019, in Idlib. This image was released by the United States Army. Northwestern Syria is almost liberated by the Syrian Arab Army in cooperation with Russia and Hezbollah. The next phase of the war, or rather the confrontation between Syria and Turkey, is looming around the corner. Is President Erdogan willing to pull out of the Turkish-controlled region, which is located within the northern areas of the Aleppo Governorate, with the southern tip of the territory located forty kilometers northeast of Aleppo?


Turkeyhas been militarily involved in the so-called Syrian conflict since its outbreak in 2011after condemning the Syrian government at the outbreak of the upheavals in 2011 in Daraa, which many people believe was sponsored by Turkey, just like the so-called Arab Spring. The Turkish government’s involvement gradually evolved…

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