South Dakota Considers First State Bill To Outlaw All Vaccine AND Medical Mandates

The current vaccine mandate enforcement drive by Merck and Friends has driven our community, and those who never questioned vaccines before now, back to a basic question at hand here: WHO OWNS YOUR BODY?

The PPJ Gazette

Age of Autism

South Dakota Migration
Will there be a medical refugee migration to South Dakota?

by Ginger Taylor

Who owns your body?

A growing number of legislators in South Dakota believe you do.

They have introduced a bill to not only end vaccine mandates in the state, but all future medical mandates that my be introduced in generations to come.

One hundred and fifteen years ago this month, the US Supreme Court made a decision that because there was a deadly smallpox epidemic, the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts was allowed to charge a pastor five dollars to opt out of a city wide vaccine mandate. The law didn’t apply to children.

That precedent has been the basis for the mandate of dozens of now liability-free vaccines for children and adults, where no epidemic (or even one case) exists, at the costs of thousands, or even hundred of thousands, per year to opt…

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12 thoughts on “South Dakota Considers First State Bill To Outlaw All Vaccine AND Medical Mandates

  1. Good for South Dakota. At least someone besides me is raising the issue of “Who owns your body?” I have repeatedly said the US Constitution presumes all taxpayers are federal government property. This after reading the original Constitution several times. There are no individual rights listed, and even the Bill of Rights was added later and was a compromise to get the Southern states to sign on. The Bill of Rights itself provides caveats for every one of the ten amendments that constitute it. Just look at the current efforts to curb rights to free speech or guns (Amendments 1 and 2).

    Whether you agree or not with the specific amendments doesn’t matter. I’m only saying the Constitution itself is a sham and always has been, so I hope South Dakota makes a big splash with this Federal government-defying initiative.

    By the way, the question of “Who owns your body?” can also apply to mandated health care insurance.

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    • I agree totally, Katherine, with the Constitution being a sham. I’ve been doing some research recently into the historical meaning of the word “liberty.” Initially it had a very narrow meaning – either you had liberty and owned your own body or you were a slave. Until the 20th century, women didn’t enjoy liberty in that sense in that they were considered the property of men.

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      • Just to add a little history to this — the Constitution was stolen from the Haudaunasonee (Iroquois Six Nations). This was their government. So much for being a savage, right? Anyway, the women were allowed to vote and they owned their homes (teepees). They could remove a leader from his role if he mistreated women or children, etc. It is curious that Franklin and Jefferson, et al, did not give white women those same rights the Native women enjoyed. They were also members of secret societies that loathe women and the sacred feminine.


        • Yes, Katharine, the history we were taught in school is, frankly, a big lie. I discovered in college that a Catholic priest witnessed horrific acts of babies being thrown into the rivers while their mothers watched by Christopher Columbus and the Spaniards. They hung the Native folks who would not mine the gold. They fed babies to the dogs. They had a mandate by the Catholic church to convert the Natives or destroy them. That mandate still stands. Around 2013, if I recall correctly, the Native leaders went to the Pope to ask him to rescind this decree. He declined.

          And I didn’t learn about this in my college level history class, but in a class for Communications majors only. One has to wonder why this information is being kept from the general school curriculum….if you aren’t aware of the true history and are denied access to it, it’s easier for them to repeat it and people won’t know it has been repeated throughout the centuries. I went to Standing Rock for the protests and was amazed to see Swedish people there! They were dressed in the traditional Swedish garments. They explained that what was done to the Native folks here was done to them as well. The destruction of spiritually connected, free people has been an ongoing repeated scheme throughout the centuries. An evil presence, whatever you want to call it, has been at work throughout history with the same destruction of spiritual connection over and over.

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  2. I love this thread’s development. Thanks, Eagle, for that information. ‘I’ve been getting information sideways about Native American history. In both North and South America, the native tribes were wiped out (either by disease or warfare) when the European invaders chose to conquer rather than learn from them.

    Who knows what they might have learned?

    The book, “Open Veins of Latin America” by Eduardo Galeano, describes some of what happened (and continues to happen) in South America. This was the book given to Barack Obama by Hugo Chavez.


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