Toward a Circular Economy: Trash Picking

Plastics for Change connects trash pickers — of which there are about 1.5 million world-wide — and global markets, ensuring that supply will always meet demand, and provides over 6,000 tons (!) of plastic everyday for recycling.

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Toward a Circular Economy:  Trash Picking

Over half of the world’s population doesn’t have a formal waste disposal scheme in place.  One hundred years ago, when the ubiquitous material known as plastic had not yet been invented this may have been okay.  People composted; containers were made of paper, cardboard, cloth, glass, and other materials that broke down readily.  Today, everything seems to be made of plastic which is sturdy and shatter-resistant and lasts for a thousand years — literally.

And that’s the problem.  Plastic’s long shelf life is an anathema on the planet because no one wants to take the time to sort it all out.  On our current trajectory, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, certainly not a sustainable course, right, but what to do when the product that has become so entrenched?

Luckily, when there’s a need…

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