Iranian Flight Crash Facts Not Adding Up

That the flight was recorded on FLIGHTRADAR24.COM, proves that the transponder [identifying the flight as a passenger plane on all radar systems] was on and working. The transponder was on and working, and the SA-15 radar, would have seen the unique flight info code for the regularly scheduled civilian flight on the radar screen, as would all ADA radars and all other civilian and military radars within range.

Counter Information

By Russell Bentley

January 14, 2020 “Information Clearing House” –  There remain a lot of unanswered questions and implausible explanations in the story of the Ukrainian airliner shot down near Tehran on January 8th, 2020. And while the Iranians have publicly and officially taken responsibility, there may be other reasons for them taking responsibility besides their actually having done it. I can think of several, and I will propose a few. But one thing I am certain of, with good reason – the “accident” story is bullshit, no matter who is telling it, and no matter why. They may have a good reason for telling it, but it’s a lie. There may be a good reason for telling it, but there’s no good reason for believing it, at all.

The first thing to understand about the SA-15 system is that it DOES have an IFF interrogator built…

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8 thoughts on “Iranian Flight Crash Facts Not Adding Up

  1. It should be noted that the ability of the US and Israel to intervene electronically into technical processes is highly develeopped. I take it to be possible that the technical problems that forced the pilots to return could have been “televised”, likewise I take it to be possible that the communication to inform the tower could have been blocked. Even an electronic intervention in the air defence is imaginable. Protests in Iran against the downing “by Iran´s forces” (most passengers were Iranians or of Iranian descent) were predictable. On the other hand Iran´s government from their self understanding could hardly admit that the US or/and Israel were able to “finger” into the internal events! Just thinking!


  2. I’m pretty sure this is what has happened, Schluter. As the article points out the ability of radar systems to recognize passenger flights from their transponder signal is automated – and we know the transponder was working because it was recording on online database. I suspect the Iranians know exactly how they were interfered with. However since they couldn’t prove it, they were left with no option but to cop to the mistake themselves. Hopefully there will be a full investigation and a whistleblower will come forward with the truth.


    • Well, the Iranians suggested that on Wednesday, as to be seen on Information Clearing House (reblogged by you). There is indeed no develish idea the Empire would hesitate to put into practice!
      Cordial regards


  3. Yes I thought so too. No strident accusations; no threats; no “fake news”. The utter ignorance and stupidity infecting the White House, Pentagon, Langley is being exposed worldwide now, well except perhaps for Britain and Australia. Even prostitute Canada isn’t totally on-board the Trump waggly-wheeled band wagon… surprise, surprise.


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