Australia’s Catastrophic Inferno: The Baffling Ineptitude of Prime Minister Morrison

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 01/06/20 |

The complete failure of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to deal with the unprecedented bush fire crisis in Australia will assuredly go down in history as a disgusting show of inhumanity.

Right now nearly the entire perimeter of the country of Australia, nay, continent of Australia, is nothing less than a raging inferno which firefighters (all volunteers) have deemed “out of control” since September. At least 23 people have died as a result, which, while horrifying, is nothing compared to the 480 million animals that have perished in the flames. The situation is so grave that Australia’s entire ecosystem could be put so off balance that many species, plant and animal, may never recover. Nearly 90% of the country’s species are endemic to Australia.

Despite cries for help, Prime Minister and science denialist Morrison had, until now, continuously ignored and rejected them, and has seemed almost as if he’s been cheering for the blaze to win.

Mr. Morrison and the defense minister, Linda Reynolds.
PHOTO CREDIT: Lukas Coch/EPA, via Shutterstock.

In December he was pressed to shell out some money to increase manpower to assist in the never ending efforts of the volunteers on the job, to which he basically replied, “go fuck yourselves” — none would be given. The fire spread even more.[…]


via Australia’s Catastrophic Inferno: Achieved Through the Baffling Ineptitude of PM Morrison

13 thoughts on “Australia’s Catastrophic Inferno: The Baffling Ineptitude of Prime Minister Morrison

    • Interesting video. Clearly Australia (and California) need to take a hard look at their water management and industrial agriculture policy. I think Egan is a little confused about the chemistry of barium and aluminum. They themselves can’t be used as fire accelerants because they are extremely difficult to ignite. Also I find it quite disappointing that he is quoting Whitney Webb’s research on Jeffrey Epstein without crediting her work.


      • i dont think he said they were accelerrants. he said they make the fires more intense. and i really wasnt endorsing the first part of the video which is why i queued it to my area of interest.


  1. Australia – Wake Up Or Die! – MAKE THIS VIRAL!
    242,216 views•Dec 16, 2019

    “The Drought and accompanying firestorm currently gripping Australia has been brought about, and is being managed, very deliberately.”

    Now, what is really going on here?

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  2. we have got to stop dismissing these government failures as “baffling ineptitude”, as we have done with 9/11, the Iraq WMD and Syria chemical weapons lie based government actions. or inactions as in this case,. and at least consider the possibility that something else is going on. look up. theyre spraying us with god knows what… well in addition to the aluminum and barium. the only thing baffling is ‘why’? The only thing baffling is Why so corrupt? Why so evil?


    • When you say “we,” nomad, I’m not sure exactly who you’re referring to. There has been a very strong global movement to expose the the lies behind 9/11, Syria, the Iraq WMD, chemtrails and a host of other crimes against humanity. The important question is my mind is how a massive group of diverse peons can successfully organize to remove the corrupt bastards that seem intent on destroying this planet and all the living beings that inhabit it

      I’m not Australian and it’s up to them how they decide to address the specific corruption leading up to the current catastrophe they face.

      If I lived in Australia, I would surely try to mobilize my community to focus on Morrison’s personal corruption – namely because it provides a concrete focus to organize around. He needs to face criminal charges.

      What concerns me about the Egan video (which Aunty Uta has also posted) is that it tends to deflect away for Morrison’s clear mismanagement of the current crisis.


  3. I think the mismanagement of Australian water is a scandal, and it all has to do with a certain brand of capitalism which also is the reason why the Australian government is not willing to take significant steps towards reducing climate change!


  4. “It is believed that the real government ambition behind this appalling act of ecocide is to pave the way for the establishment of a super-sized control grid, construction of 5G microwave powered  ‘smart cities’ and a new high speed railway link between capital cities.”

    via Fake-Green Zero Carbon Fraud: ‘Destroying the World to Save It’ — Global Research


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