Homelessness in the USA: A Terminal System Crisis

Further evidence of the permanent US downward spiral.


Green People's Media

In the previous two pieces about the deflationary character of the current U.S. / global economy we attempted to show that the economy is entering a period that you might think of as perma-recession, or a deflationary downward spiral. The basis for this down-spiral action is the achievement of “peak inequality,” wherein the wealth of the global 1% now completely dwarfs the total accumulated wealth of the bottom 50%. This creates very stark contrasts throughout the global economy, one of which is the United States homelessness crisis. We’ll call this crisis a “terminal” crisis because the word indicates a kind of final, “endgame” situation. You may read the background narrative on this debt-default, deflationary downward spiral at these links:
Part I is here
Part II

this will be an ongoing series on the homelessness crisis, which we think will be an existential crisis in the USA, confronting anyone elected…

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2 thoughts on “Homelessness in the USA: A Terminal System Crisis

  1. The homelessness situation makes me wonder what makes Americans so arrogant regarding the rest of the world. If the US truly wants to lead the world, it should lead by example. Unfortunately, it has been leading by bad example far too long.

    Glad you are keeping up with this shameful situation.


  2. Sadly, Katherine, I don’t really believe the US oligarchy wants to “lead” the rest of the world in anything. All they really want is enough control over the rest of the world (and their own population) to continue to exploit their labor and resources.


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