Evangelicals start having ‘the discussion’ about Trump, and today’s other news

Principled Republican voters and politicians (most of whom have resigned from office) have been having ‘the discussion’ about Trump for some time. Today, his most vital base of supporters – white evangelical Christians – are joining that conversation too. For Republicans, the concern has always been about the long-term damage Trump could do to the party. For Evangelicals, the concern is about elevating a mortal man to immortal status in an obvious challenge to their previously chosen messiah – Jesus Christ.

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

It may seem insignificant right now, but this is how cults die.  People who devote themselves to a cultural leader, whether it’s based on ideology or pragmatism, eventually lose faith in that individual because such high expectations cannot be met by any mortal being.  This is why religion has great allure and longevity, for the figurehead is typically intangible and immortal.  Conversely, cults rise and fall very quickly.  In the beginning, it is the chosen messiah’s message which resonates.  In the end, it is their real human flaws which reverberates.  Once the group starts having ‘the discussion’ about their leader and doubts or even fears emerge, the downfall can occur quite rapidly.

A prime example is the internal dissent which befell Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple cult at a Jonestown, Guyana commune in 1978 where nearly a thousand members committed mass suicide or were victims…

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