A Growing Number of People and Organizations Are Supporting Assange’s Freedom

To make matters worse, HMP Belmarsh continues to claim they have mixups for his court appearances, holding an exhausted Assange over and making him hours late to appearances. How they can possibly screw up transportation for their highest profile prisoner is beyond me, but that is their excuse. Who knows how long Assange is made to sit in a cramped van with no access to movement or the bathroom or for the matter, a simple drink of water. Recently, before a court appearance, Assange was put in a “hot box” which entails placing the victim in a small room ranging in temperatures of 110 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Angel Fox Media

Recently, Reporters Without Borders joined in the battle for free press by demanding freedom for Assange. Many human rights organizations, doctors, journalists and celebrities have joined in this war on free speech. As the numbers keep growing, Assange’s extradition hearing looms on the horizon.

With only 2 months to go before his hearing starts, many are concerned with his obvious health deterioration. Every time he appears in court, pictures depict his declining health. Assange needs to be released and transported to a hospital that can treat his needs and the results of years of isolation and torture.

You can see his fatigue and loss of weight in each picture above. There is no excuse for 2 superpowers to gang up to destroy one man. The injustice in this case continues to grow as an innocent man languishes in prison. Keep in mind that Assange is being held for extradition. He…

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