Two Huge Suppressed News Reports Display Corrupt US and Allied Mainstream Press

The lying that got the US and its allies into invading Iraq on 20 March 2003, and into invading Libya in 2011, and into invading and occupying Syria in 2012 until now, are not simply ‘errors’, but are instead systematic and intentional on the part of the news-managements of all of the major U.S.-&-allied ’news’-organizations.

Global Research, December 17, 2019

On Friday, December 12th, Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept reported and documented that the mainstream U.S. press has lied through its teeth about “Russiagate,” and Zero Hedge reported and documented that not only had the U.S., UK, and France, committed an international war-crime when they invaded Syria on 14 April 2018 firing 105 missiles against Damascus, but the U.N.-authorized agency OPCW that was supposed to investigate the U.S.-&-allied allegation which had been the alleged ‘justification’ for that invasion was instead lying through its teeth about what the evidence actually showed about it: that this invasion had been based upon U.S.-&-allied lies.

These lies by the U.S.-and-allied ’news’-media are not exceptions to the rule; they are the rule whenever anything happens that is contrary to the self-justificatory ‘journalism’, or actually propaganda-line, of the U.S., and of its allied governments.

The lying that got…

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14 thoughts on “Two Huge Suppressed News Reports Display Corrupt US and Allied Mainstream Press

  1. This comment will be censored because it is too true

    Many are tired of alternative propaganda like zero hedge and it’s triangulating. It has went with several ugly racist articles. It promotes it’s own flavor of propaganda. Always talking about financial crashes that are masked and promoting demons like trump.
    It is so funny because they love Trump and promote the lie that Trump is not a globalist as he makes arrangements for Davos.

    They claim trump is antimilitary. As it keeps troops in afghanistan and buddies up with israel and saudi arabia furthee. Remember the 3 americans killed in fllorida a few weeks ago by the saudi pilot . as it sparks up and intensive and backbreaking nuclear arms race and plans to put nuclear bombs in space aimed at earth.

    The Trump Space Force
    “The New York Times’ article said Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and advisor, was pivotal. “It was Mr. Kushner who helped broker a deal to create the Space Force, a chief priority of the president’s, in exchange for the paid parental leave, a measure championed by his wife, Ivanka Trump, also a senior advisor to the president,” said The Times.”

    The U.S. Senate now will consider the measure and pass it considering the Trump-controlled majority in the Senate, and Trump will sign it.

    Establishment of a U.S. Space Force would come despite the landmark Outer Space Treaty of 1967, put together by the U.S., then Soviet Union and the U.K., designating space as a global commons to be used for peaceful purposes.

    The U.S. move to negate the intent of the Outer Space Treaty will cause Russia and China to respond in kind.”

    That is the alternative propaganda u get from zero hedge who at times have called for trumps opposers to be rounded up and tried.

    People who have watched zh for years now get the picture, that zh is part of it.

    The Trump thing and its monsters,  have started an incredibly expensive nuclear cold war at the expense, of cleaning up the extreme nuclear messes in stupidville america. There will be a major nuclear accident soon.

    Absolutely nothing learned from fukushima.

    Certain nuclear catastrophe and warfare. All done under the lunatics reign. u cannot blame the other fatuous greedy politicians, before this monster for what is happening.  It owns it.

    Trump and the GOP are purging millions of voters across the USA. 300,000 in georgia 200,000 in Kansas more everywhere else.

    As they cut trillions in taxes for billionaires and call for billions for nuclear weapons for a new nuclear arms buildup and nuclear weapons in space aimed at earth.
    Pure insanity and evil


  2. Tubularsock really is tired of another “exposé” explaining what ANYONE who can read and write not only already knows but have yelled out themselves ad nauseam!

    Lies from a government are as common as air pollution.

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  3. But Tubularsock,
    While we may suspect or know that our government, the central bankers, and Wall Street are deceiving us, what can we do about it? My solution is purely individualistic, in that I retired, spend as little as possible, and maximize enjoyment of things I already have and nature’s truly free offerings.

    It occurs to me that if Americans were not seduced into churning time and money on low-yield, soul-destroying jobs and mass-produced, excessive, imported “stuff,” they would not be so suggestible, or as easily conned into believing the government is their servant rather than master. A country in debt is not free, yet our debt-backed monetary system has the whole country and entire world fighting from below the bottom line, without hope of ever attaining balance.

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    • Trump has completely deregulated the nuclear industry. He is insuring 30 and 40 year old reactors that are ready to blow in your area, stay opened. Turkey Point, in particular. There are several reactors in your area, Georgia and Tennessee, that have simply been, left to go off with the next hurricanes or flooding. So, what good is your retirement gonna do ya when those nasty old reactors in Florida , start popping?


    • Thanks, Katherine. Excellent points all of them. Tube also has a point. A number of well-informed people are already aware of the advance level of corruption in US government at all levels. I myself get concerned that the deliberate weapons of mass distraction make it all too easy to forget.

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  4. And Stuart,
    Thank you for your vigilant attention to all those subjects that interest me, too. Your blog is always refreshing, because it reassures me that people with common sense, intelligence, and commitment do still exist, even (and maybe especially) without mass media and government backing.

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  5. Trumps New, New World Order
    Debt Servitude in Utah

    America Slips into Dickensonian Hell
    while Trump allocates billions put forward by Kushner, for Nuclear Weapons in Space and starts an outrageously insane and expensive Nuclear arms race by testing intermediatte range missiles.

    Meanwhile Trump the Globalist is making big Plans to excitedly attend the next Davos meeting.


    • Lots a money in the nuclear reactorand nuclear weapons flim flam. Putin is no better.  Many Russian people are  are wising up though.  They are afriad of the continueing radionuclide poisoning of their country. The worst thing about Trump, is his abandoning old nuclear reactors in america to crooked corpotations and forcing abominations, to remain opened that should have been closed long ago as the Japanese did with Fukushima.  The Japanese cannot do anything about fukushima. They are backing off.  At least the Russians tried to do something with Chernobyl.

      Trump has no plans for the hi level waste, which is in many ways worse than the reactors. It is piling up in outdoor parking lots across the US and could catch fire or expolde with the impact of thousands of dirty nuclear bombs.

      Once a person has been exposed to enough radionuclide, to cause genomic mutations and birth defects, its genetic line is ruined. The mutations will become attenuated in further generations, if they can reproduce, until they cannot reproduce anymore. That is the way it is in many parts of bellarus. In ukraine. In growing parts of the usa and most of Japan.
      I guess the japanese people and government just do not give a darn anymore because they continue to insinerate fukushima waste and speead it around the country everywhere. The United States and Japan are the most radionuclide contaminated countries in the world. Most major Universities in the USA are dominated by DOE and DOD funding. They tow the party line. They continue to do research on nuclear weapons, though the rotten cold war is passed. The cold war was an excuse for turning much of america into a nuclear sacrifice zone for corporate greed and profit.

      In my opinion a flood, hurricane or earthquake will cauuse an american Fukushima soon, in any one of the 30 or 40 year old embrittled rattle traps across america. Trump has abandoned cleaning up anyone of the multiple dangerous nuclear sites in america like Hanford or INL or santa susana to build tactical nuke bombs and new icbm nuke bombs. To put nuclear weapons in space aimed at us.  . He has abandoned reinforcing the small fraction of Nuclear reactors that could continue for a few more years from hurricanes from climate change. He has abandoned renewable projects that could help with climate change . HE HAS abandoned these things to pursue trillion dollar projects to put nuclear weapons in space aimed at us and pursue a tactical nuclear war preparation and intense terrestial nuclear weapons buildup. Insane


    Kathy Jordan’s Archive

    There is an archive on this site go to the Hyper link marked:

    “1972 nuclear tests on Glade Park shook up earth, residents”

    It is a pdf
    I found this on the webpage of a deceased reporter, who worked for the Grand Junction Paper, in the seventies in and eighties. This was archived in her site.  They were testing tactical nuclear weapons. More nuclear atrocities on americans by the government and corporations that few knew about, or if they did they did not understand the significance.

    1972 nuclear tests on Glade Park shook up earth, residents
    The explosion of 500 tons of TNT on Nov. 13, 1972, on Glade Park, as witnessed from the
    observation area. Robert Grant photo collection
    By Kathy Jordan
    Operation Mixed Company sounds like a title for a movie .
    It was not a movie but the name the Nuclear Defense Agency had given a series of eight nuclear
    blasts scheduled to begin Thursday, June 1, 1972, at 11 a.m.
    Grand Junction had been buzzing with talk about the nuclear test scheduled to take place  on
    Glade Park about 18 miles southwest of town.
    According to a news report in The Daily Sentinel, the blast went off at exactly on schedule, and
    within four seconds “a mushroom­shaped, charcoal­colored cloud ascended against the blue sky
    as the sound and a slight air blast were felt.

    This blast was the first of eight scheduled by NDA to learn its effects on the sandstone
    geological formations and a variety of structures that had been constructed at the site on Glade

    People were curious, and most likely somewhat concerned about what effects a 20­ton blast of
    TNT would have on homes and businesses. While those in town waited to learn about after­effects, about 50 people had gathered at an
    observation area more than one mile from the blast site.
    Some folks in the valley said they felt their houses shake a little, but, for the most part, no one
    reported hearing or feeling anything.
    The last of eight tests was done on Monday, Nov. 13. It was a 500­ton blast. It left a crater 14
    feet deep and 160 feet wide , which the military assured the landowner would be refilled with
    dirt and planted with grass.
    According to The Sentinel news story, various military equipment was included in this test to
    gauge the air blast and ground­shock affects.
    Targets included parked helicopters, a remotely controlled flying helicopter, parked tanks and
    personnel carriers, bunkers, an aircraft shelter and foxholes. The NDA was also quick to assure
    the public that nearby water wells and springs would be checked for adverse affects.
    There were reports of broken windows in the five­to­six­mile range from ground zero, but these
    repairs were quickly dealt with, according to military spokesmen. Some Glade Park residents
    reported feeling the ground shake from the blast.
    A friend of ours, who asked that I not use his name, watched the preparation for the tests from its
    He said that the last blast was the most interesting because it was the one in which they set off
    500 tons of explosives. Watching the blast from the observation area, he said that as the shock
    wave came across to the observation area, the sagebrush appeared to be rolling. As the shock
    wave got to the observation area it felt like it was rolling through his body.
    He said there had been three large concrete re­enforced hangars built at the site and that the
    plutonium trigger had been placed on a large tower in the middle of the hangars.
    Before the blast, the hangars were filled with airplanes and helicopters to test the impact on
    equipment. When the blast went off, the equipment was destroyed and the steel doors blew off
    one hangar but the other two remained intact.
    A new Army tank was placed at the blast site, and it was blown two and one­half miles from
    ground zero.

    Our friend helped with the cleanup and said that at the end of each day a Geiger counter was
    passed over the participants to test for radioactive exposure. After one such test he was told not
    to have an X­ray for five years.
    Several of us working at the Sentinel on both mornings couldn’t contain our curiosity and
    stepped outside hoping that we would see something of the blast. And we did. We could see the
    dark mushroom­shaped cloud as it appeared on the horizon in back of the monument. The cloud
    from the last blast was somewhat larger than the cloud from the first one.
    At the time it was an eerie feeling to me, as I stood there looking at the mushroom cloud. I had
    visions of hiding under our desks in grade school as we went through the drill on what we were
    supposed to do in case of a nuclear attack. I also remember thinking that I hoped we wouldn’t die
    from exposure to radiation from that cloud.
    I didn’t feel the earth move under my feet, but I did hear a noise like that of a sonic boom, and I
    got to witness some Western Slope history.

    This was not a prell mixed dynamite explosion.  This was a tactical nuclear explosion, tested on a city with a population of 20 thouasnd people in america like the bombs in nevada were tested on americans and the Green run radioctive iodine release at hanford was.

    There are so many lies and hidden genocides of the american uclear security state. Far more than anyone will ever know. The united states has the  most and worst radiation-radionuclide cancer clusters in the world . Most you will really never here about and the manys all prettied up and sold to the world and atupid americans as the acceptable collateral damage, death , and suffering of millions.

    The United States is filled with hundreds if not thousands of nuclear atrocities the government and corporations committed against their own people and have gotten away with. The recent INL fire is another large example

    More Nuclear Tests in Murica You never heard of. A small tactical nuclear weapons  test recorded by grand junction paper reporter . The nuclear bomb was detonated 18 miles from her town


  7. Gloria,
    What you write concerns me greatly. Not only do I live in Savannah, downriver from the first two new nuclear reactors in the US in over 20 years, at Plant Vogtle in Augusta, GA, for Southern Company and its subsidiary, Georgia Power, but I lived in Telluride, CO in the late 1970s and early 1980s and worked for the “Telluride Times” there, so I consider Colorado a second home.

    The new nuclear reactors in Georgia were announced so soon after Fukushima that I was astounded that no one objected.

    Americans are kept in the dark not only about nuclear build-up, testing, and radiation, but they also don’t know that the US is the most heavily land-mined nation in the world. This from an ex-army “de-miner” whose job now is to locate and clear land mines.

    The promotion of nuclear energy as “green” because it doesn’t produce CO2 is ludicrous, but this is the current slant of the propagandists. Nuclear power requires exorbitant amounts of fresh water for cooling, a third of which goes up in steam. If you look at projected water use in Georgia, Atlanta is growing fast and requiring more and more water, the new nuclear power plants in Augusta will require water, and so there’s this big fight brewing between Georgia, Alabama and Florida for water rights on Lake Lanier among other places. I’ve heard of at least one plan to pump water uphill from South Georgia to satisfy the insatiable thirst of development and industry.

    Meanwhile, there is such a draw on the Florida aquifer, which supplies all South Georgia and Florida, from all the industry, such as International Paper, that there are reports of salt water infusion in wells in places like Hilton Head, SC, and even here in Savannah.

    What will it take to stop this insanity? It would be nice to blame Trump, because it would mean removing him solves the problem. But the problem of unrestrained imperialism has been growing since the man climbed down from the trees, and today’s barbarians in business suits are just the latest incarnation of humankind’s annihilation warriors.

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    • Trump is completely deregulating supervision of reactors. A fukushima, in america will mean the end of america.
      I have deep ties in Japan. I do not lie, about what is happening there.
      Trump is rubbing our face in it. Perry and it’s predecessor, is actually bringing in hilevel nuclear waste from other parts of the world, to be stored on pads outside all over america.

      The old head of the NRC Jazco, is now antinuclear, since fukushima. He tours the country warning of an apocolyptic Fukushima disaster here.
      Moniz the old doe head, is touring the world for ending nuclear weapons.
      The abrogation of intermmediate missile treaties is something , even war monger democrats would never do.
      Trumps major bankrollers like Roninson and, the mercers are lunatics who believe in hormesis. They believe that nuclear war is winnable. Trump owns this. The current things in congress may back some of this stupidity but they do not support breaking nuclear arms treaties. Any change could at least give america a few more years
      Deregulating the chemical and pesticide industries is one thing, but he complete deregulation of nuclear reactors, is nothing short of psychotic.
      Two candidates are antinuclear and antinuclear weapon. Maybe you are a comfortable baby boomer, who does not care, but many of us do. Several old reactors, in your area are very old. They are embrittled . They are leaking. Most all are old fukushima style reactors or worse. They will not withstand many more hurricanes or floods or they will go on their own.
      Some of this clown’s original wingnut supperters, are antinuclear. They do not support Trump anymore.

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  8. Frank Zappa was raised, not too far from the worst Nuclear Meltdown in American History at the SMR sodium cooled test reactor by Ventura California. There were also two partial meltdowns there from 1960 to 1970. Frank Zappas dad was a research chemist at a MIC weapons test faciclity that was relatively close to Santa Susana.  Young frank Zappa had ongoing  sinus problems and ongoing intractable ear infection trouble living there.
    Frank Zapa’s mother sought the help of military doctors and specialist to help with the debilitating infections and sinus polyps that were probably induced by all the particulates in the air from the surrounding nuclear testing. Frank Zappa was 12 yo then. Frank Zappa’s doctor’s, inserted radium pellets into Frank Zappas nose, as a child to shrink his sinus polyps. Frank Zappa died at age 53 from fulminant, metastatic,  prostate cancer that had started in his late 40s. Most prostate cancers grow slowly unless one is exposed to internal radionuclide poisons and radiation.

    This is what Frank Zappa said about the American Republican party

    Steve Silberman
    “Republicans stand for raw, unbridled evil and greed and ignorance, smothered in balloons and ribbons.” – Frank Zappa, born on this day in 1940.

    The truth also holds for many Corporate democrats and Corrupt politicians inside the beltway and outside it, that are part of the Authoritarian American Nuclear state that is kiling this planet.
    Trump is allowing 96 beat up reactors to fail in America. It is initiating a massive new arms race and a Nepotistic Star Wars program in cahoots with it’s son in law Kushner.

    Trump is not only deregulating supervision of 96 of the most shoddy reactors in the world, it is pushing SMR type reactors like the type that melted down in Santa Susana California and one that is known to have melted down in Idaho.

    New Mexico is now looking to turn an entire county, Lea County and white sands national park into america’a and much of the worlds largest, so-called “Temporary, above ground hilevel nuclear waste Parking lot” Filled exclusively with Holtec corporation’s, thin skinned 20 ton Hi level Radionuclide Storage casks. Thousands of acres
    Their infamously shoddy casks contain the worst radionuclides in the universe co60, st90, cs137-134, i129, iridium, u234-236, plutonium238-239 and more

    50 pounds of this hi level nuclear waste unshieldeded, would kill a grown person 20 feet away from it in 30 minutes.
    Tens of thousands of tons of the worst hilevel waste, stored above gound with no shelter, in huge parking lots. No shelter from the elements.The radionuclides in the cask bounce radiation off the metal they are in to generate heat, helium and hyrogen gas.

    The scheme was initiated by Former DOE secretary Rick Perry with Holtec. No doubt the trump family and kushner family are getting major kickbacks along with perry.

    Holtec, the doe , Crooked Democrats and republicans in New Mexico are pushing hard for this .

    Hundreds of acres and tens of thousands of tons, of less than inch thick metal containment casks that are already leaking in San Diego and the Ukraine after a few years


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