The Sacrifice Assange Is Making For Truth

When Assange chose to start Wikileaks and expose abuse by governments and corporations alike, he knew it might mean his life would change forever. He especially realized this when he began releasing such items as Collateral Murder and #Cablegate. The sacrifices he has made and is making currently are his well-being, his health, his freedom and his sanity. Even if freed, Assange will never be the same energetic, happy man he once was. He used to have bounce in his step and a constant smile on his face. The persecution and torture he has endured for publishing crimes by the state has warped his life forever. His continuing suffering is a travesty.

Western civilization is no longer an example of true democracy and freedom as the precedent being set by the imprisonment of Julian Assange is an act of tyrrany and injustice. The example set shows us that no one is safe from the abominable acts being done by the United States government. Free Speech and free press are becoming a memory very quickly as journalists worldwide are bring arrested. This includes in nations that once boasted of their human rights. Both the U.K. and the U.S. now disregard their own laws and persecute journalists who publish facts that embarrass the government. Whistleblowers are imprisoned and persecuted. In fact, Russia seems to have many of these individuals as refugees instead of the other way around. This shouldn’t be so […]

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2 thoughts on “The Sacrifice Assange Is Making For Truth

  1. The American fascists are determined to make examples of Journalists, they wrongly acuse of being computer hackers. They do not want their mass surveilance state exposed in any way, shape or form. They are corrupt killers and psychotic, paranoid-weirdos

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