The Uyghur Issue: How Can the U.S. Dare Lecturing China About the Rights of the Muslims?

Turkey, a member of NATO, offered the U.S. a helping hand. Uyghurs were flown with their families to Istanbul, with Turkish passports, through hubs in Southeast Asia. Then, their passports were confiscated in Istanbul. Many Uyghurs were recruited, trained, and then transported into war-torn Syria. Smaller group stayed in places like Indonesia, joining jihadi cadres there. When terrorist groups in Syria were almost thoroughly defeated, some Uyghurs were moved to Afghanistan, which shares a long porous border with China.

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Global Research, December 11, 2019

In 2019, I have written a long analysis about “the Uyghur issue”; analysis which will be soon published as a book.

For some time, I have been warning the world that the West, and the United States in particular, are helping to radicalize the Uyghurs in Xinjiang Province and outside.

And not only that: I clearly mapped movement of the Uyghur radicals through some countries like Indonesia, towards Turkey, from where they are then injected into brutal war zones like Idlib in Syria. I worked in Idlib area, with the Syrian commanders, and I spoke at length with the Syrian internally displaced people; victims of the Uyghur genocidal attacks.

The majority of Uyghur people are Muslims. They have their own, ancient, specific culture and most of them are, of course, very decent human beings. Northwest China is their home.

The “problem” is…

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10 thoughts on “The Uyghur Issue: How Can the U.S. Dare Lecturing China About the Rights of the Muslims?

    • I’ll take the liberty here of quoting something totally out of context… or again, maybe not.
      “But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.” Replace “the devil” with “the military-industrial complex” and that quote from the book of Revelation makes total sense. Empires built on slavery and bloodshed never just die with a whimper. They thrash about, driven by their hunger and their many wounds and they do much damage to their world. Read the history of the fall of Rome. Read what Britain did in its colonies during and immediately after WWII when the glory days were over. See what America is doing and threatening to do to those increasingly encouraged to oppose its endless violence and know that “America” as an empire is finished. It’s current violence against all and sundry not willing to kiss the ass of the naked emperor is proof enough. We will experience terror and horror in coming days but it will not be endless and “the devil” will not win.

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    • Just for another “head’s up” quote: (from Wikipedia)
      Ponerology is the name given by Polish psychiatrist Andrzej Łobaczewski to an interdisciplinary study of the causes of periods of social injustice.[1] This discipline makes use of data from psychology, sociology, philosophy, and history to account for such phenomena as aggressive war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and police states. The original theory and research was conducted by psychologists and psychiatrists working in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary in the years before the institution of Communism such as Kazimierz Dąbrowski and Stefan Blachowski.[2]

      Łobaczewski adopted the term from the branch of theology dealing with the study of evil, derived from the Greek word poneros. According to Łobaczewski, all societies vacillate between “happy times,” or times of prosperity, during which advanced psychological knowledge of the danger of psychopathological influence in the corridors of power is suppressed, and “unhappy times,” during which the intelligentsia and society at large are forced to recover this specialized knowledge in order to ultimately rectify the social order along mentally healthier lines. It is to be noted that “happy times” do not imply morally advanced times, as Łobaczewski makes clear that this “happiness” or prosperity may well be premised on the oppression of a target group.

      Łobaczewski defines many specific “characteropathies,” which Western psychology would probably term “character disorders,” as paving the way for the ultimate rule of “essential psychopaths” in full-fledged “pathocracy.” This is what he says takes place when society is insufficiently guarded against the minority of such abnormal pathologs ever-present in its midst (Łobaczewski asserts that the etiology is almost entirely bio-genetic.) He believes that they infiltrate any institution or state, prevailing moral values are perverted into their opposite, and a coded language not unlike Orwell’s “double-think” circulates into the mainstream, using “paralogic” and “paramoralism” in place of genuine logic and morality. There are various identifiable stages of pathocracy described by Łobaczewski. Ultimately, each pathocracy is foredoomed because the root of healthy social morality, according to Łobaczewski, is contained in the congenital instinctive infrastructure in the vast majority of the population. While some in the normal population are more susceptible to pathocratic influence, and become its lackeys, the majority instinctively resist.”
      It seems obvious to me that global society has entered into a period of “unhappy times.”


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