World’s first fully electric commercial aircraft takes flight in Canada

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, like electric vehicles, electric aircraft will be far cheaper to maintain.

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Company hails start of the ‘electric aviation age’ after 15-minute test flight in Vancouver

The world’s first electric commercial during its maiden flight in Richmond, British Columbia Photograph: Jonathan Hayward/AP

The world’s first fully electric commercial aircraft has taken its inaugural test flight, taking off from the Canadian city of Vancouver and flying for 15 minutes.

“This proves that commercial aviation in all-electric form can work,” said Roei Ganzarski, chief executive of Australian engineering firm magniX.

The company designed the plane’s motor and worked in partnership with Harbour Air, which ferries half a million passengers a year between Vancouver, Whistler ski resort and nearby islands and coastal communities.

Ganzarski said the technology would mean significant cost savings for airlines and zero emissions. “This signifies the start of the electric aviation age,” he said.

Civil aviation is one of the fastest-growing sources of carbon emissions as people increasingly take to the…

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5 thoughts on “World’s first fully electric commercial aircraft takes flight in Canada

    • A network of skyhooks and cables outta do it. Just kidding. The solution is for people to stop their exceptionalistic travel mania. I also boycott airlines… saves much time and money I can invest in more “profitable” pursuits right at home.

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        • Massive predators like the Pentagon and MIC do not have a life of their own. They need massive blood transfusions and injections of funds which may have little meaning as the world moves away from the US dollar. They are already dying, infected by the terminal disease called hubris – which says they can’t back out of their Trumpian entanglements. To take them on directly is suicide and pointless at this stage. It may be enough and possible to educate people to see them as public enemy #1 and convince enough not to “join up” even if they re-establish the draft which I predict is going to happen when Trump gets his second term. You can’t fight wars with only machines and you can’t threaten military action against most of the world without putting some serious numbers of boots on the ground. Yes, Trump is going to “win” again – the Democrat leadership/establishment is going to make sure it happens. Before any Democrat is elected to the oval office s/he has to be vetted by the ruling oligarchs, so they have to purge their ranks of trouble makers like Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. I imagine some knives are being sharpened with intent to draw blood, literally.

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