5 thoughts on “The Truth About Vaccines: Vaccine Bonuses

  1. Wow. This is yet another reason to undermine the government-pharma-insurance conspiracy. Doctors are saps who are compromised enough to play by unethical games, but the doctors and their patients pay the most if anything bad happens. Government-pharma-insurance enablers suffer no consequences.


  2. Indeed, Katherine. I’m inclined to be sympathetic with doctors, though. Many are really struggling with the restrictive contracts they’re forced to sign with insurance companies – nearly all pay doctors only 1/2 – 2/3 of their total fee, in addition to refusing to cover numerous medically necessary services. I had many GP friends in the 1990s forced out of practice due to their inability to cover their basic overhead. When I left Seattle, many could only afford to stay in practice by charging patients a $100 retainer fee to keep them on their rolls.


    • Predatory capitalism – stacks the deck in its favour in every possible game in town. Will it only end when civilization collapses? Has its reach gone to far into the living system to save the system from the cancer?


  3. I think the Anglo-American empire is sinking rapidly, Sha’Tara, to be replaced by a new consortium of players led by Russia and China. I guess it all depends on whether they decide to imitate the worse excesses of British and US imperialism or to look after the humanitarian interests of their people. One can only guess at this point.


    • I don’t have to guess, Dr. Bramhall. They’re part of civilization, of the Matrix, and based on past performance, what will rule in the end is raw power over nature and people. It’s the same beast, regardless of the colour of its pelt or the sound of its roar. Nothing essentially different, i.e., nothing good will come from that power switch, quite the opposite in fact. If China and Russia seriously combine their political and economic forces as the Anglo-US empire collapses into oblivion, you will have another world-dominating hegemony run by patriarchal oligarchs and their mobster henchmen in satellite states. Expect massive persecutions of minorities, incarcerations in “work camps,” increased misogyny and sex slavery, and genocides. There will be nothing to prevent any of it. The UN is already a fading joke, gutless, helpless, pointless and totally bought out, an inordinately expensive useless hierarchy that can’t even free one innocent man from being tortured to death in a British max. security prison for telling the truth. The world as we naively believed it to be in the late 1900’s has flipped back to authoritarian rule. War is the order of the day until one super power decides the outcome, then… 1984, in full armour. Many will bemoan the passing of their “democracies” and refuse to recognize the fact that there never were any democracies established anywhere, just varying degrees of government and economic oppression measured to be above or below an imaginary and constantly lowering bar of “democracy” versus totalitarianism.
      Bottom line though, we had some education; we had some good teachers and way showers and we could have moved up instead of down but we jailed them and killed them. We, as a global race of powerful sentients, chose wrong… incredibly, stupidly, wrong. Now we will reap what we sowed and we have entered the reaping (and weeping) season.


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