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Normality has not returned to Japan. The reactors continue to be a radiation hazard as further catastrophes could occur at any time. Every day adds more radioactive contamination to the ocean, air and soil. Enormous amounts of radioactive waste are stored on the premises of the power plant in the open air. Should there be another earthquake, these would pose a grave danger to the population and the environment.

Japan Safety : Nuclear Energy Updates

” Concern mounts over events to be held in Fukushima

IPPNW has launched a “Nuclear-Free Olympic Games 2020” campaign to call for a worldwide phase-out of nuclear power and to sound the alarm about the Japanese government’s efforts to use the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to “normalize” the aftermath of the still on-going Fukushima nuclear accident. Here, four members of IPPNW Europe outline the campaign and the reasoning behind it.

By Annette Bänsch-Richter-Hansen, Jörg Schmid, Henrik Paulitz and Alex Rosen

In 2020, Japan is inviting athletes from around the world to take part in the Tokyo Olympic Games. We are hoping for the games to be fair and peaceful. At the same time, we are worried about plans to host baseball and softball competitions in Fukushima City, just 50 km away from the ruins of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. It was here, in 2011, that multiple nuclear meltdowns took…

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8 thoughts on “The radioactive Olympics? — IPPNW, Beyond Nuclear International

  1. Scientists found, at most 600 Bq/kg Cs137 at the Chernobyl Evacuation zone, 7 years after that accident.
    They are finding 10,955 Bq/kg Cs-137 in cow stools by fukushima in cow stools.
    100 Bq/kg Cs-137 for a few months,is enough to cause sterility, permanent heart damage and cancer death in a year . There is 100 times that amount. They have found 5,000 Bq/kg Cs-137 by Tokyo and Yokohama, 150 to 200km south of Fukushima. That is because three reactors blueup and melted down and , a fuel tank with used hilevel radionuclide caught fire for a while. The japanese have been burning nuclear waste all over Japan as well.
    Marco Kaltofen
    Nov 26
    Our lab
    found domestic cow stools with up to 10,955 Bq/kg Cs-137 & 646 Bq/kg Cs-134 (from Namie – 6/14/18), despite an air dose only 4X background as beta. These animals (and even their eventual remains) are necessarily permanent residents of the restricted zone.
    Quote Tweet

    · Nov 22
    Wild monkey’s stool emits #radiation around x3 of background air dose.
    It means devastating amt of radionuclides are contained in it.

    Appreciate him for sharing us of rare reports on how some places in east #Japan are so contaminated w/#Fukushima Dai-ichi fallout.


  2. Thanks for the illuminating comment Terry

    I have family from Japan. It is so tragic

    This is the best Geiger Dt Bramhall


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