The French Infatuation with Nuclear Power

Atom, mon amour: French faith in nuclear power

DW (2019)

Film Review

This documentary concerns the apparent French infatuation with nuclear power. France presently has 58 nuclear power plants, the most in Europe. Globally, only the US has more nuclear plants. Filmmakers interview French residents living adjacent to a Normandy plant about the risks. They give replies, such as “We’re used to it” and “It’s part of our culture.” Most are unaware the plant is contaminating local local seafood by discharging radioactive wastewater into the ocean.

In addition to visiting an operation nuclear power plant, the filmmakers visit a new nuclear waste disposal site under construction 500 meters underground. The French government plan to store liquid nuclear waste in metal drums there for more that 100,000 years.*

They also visit the Saclay Nuclear Research Center, staffed by 6,000 international researchers. The French are eager to resume exports of their state-of-the art nuclear power plants once the furor over the Fukushima meltdown. The center also engages in research in renewable energy, which according to DW,  “isn’t a priority in France.”**

The segment I found the most interesting concerns the French antinuclear movements.  Local activists reveal that all nuclear power stations are owned and operated by the French government, which heavily subsidizes the price consumers pay for power (ie they sell it at a lower price than the cost of production).

The French activists meet regularly with German antinuclear activists. The latter found it was much easier to shut down Germany’s nuclear power network, as local and regional government have far more authority than in France.

The activists also complain about the massive amount of pro-nuclear propaganda the French government produces. In one example a newscast following the Chernobyl meltdown reveals fallout plumes miraculously changing course at the French border.

Despite ongoing surveillance, stalking and harassment by the police, the French antinuclear movement has forced the government to adopt stringent safety requirements that significantly delayed new plants from opening.

Moreover pressure from German activists and authorities is blamed for the impending closure of France’s oldest nuclear plant Fessenheim, located on the French-German border.

*I find this notion quite unrealistic, given that metal fatigue tends to cause metal containers to begin leaking in 30-100 years.

**Under its commitment to the EU renewable energy directive of 2009, France has a target of producing 23% of its total energy needs from renewable energy by 2020. This figure breaks down to renewable energy providing 33% of energy used in the heating and cooling sector, 27% of the electricity sector and 10.5% in the transport sector. In addition, France actively exports innovative renewable technologies worldwide:   French Renewable Energy



3 thoughts on “The French Infatuation with Nuclear Power

  1. Cancer Cluster La Hague
    1978–1993LeukemiaLa Hague, Normandy, France27

    Pobel, D.; Viel, J.-F. (1997). “Case-control study of leukaemia among young people near La Hague nuclear reprocessing plant: The environmental hypothesis revisited”. BMJ. 314 (7074): 101–6. doi:10.1136/bmj.314.7074.101. PMC 2125632. PMID 9006467.

    Seth, Anita (1997). “Leukemia Clusters Near La Hague and Sellafield” (PDF). Energy & Security. Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (4): 14.

    Autism France 700,000 to 1 million cases of heritable autism
    ADHD and developmental incidence
    Multiple cancer clusters around reacors processing plants and Radionuclide dump sites.
    They lie about it like the USA and all nucleoape countries do
    Birth Defects

    High Mental illness index

    High depression index like radioactive shithole usa

    Higher Obesity like usa

    Higher diiabetes and heart disease like radioactive shithole usa


    • Thanks for posting the video. It was hard to watch. It was fluffed a bit i thought, as a lot of things arw because people are afraid to standup to nuclear. Does not show the many cracked embriitled reactors in france. Does not show the multiple, crappy nuke waste dumps spread around france, with old casks and drums above ground. The film does not talk talk about the contaminated water and food in France from leaky nuke reactors and nuclear waste all over the country. It does not mention the plutonium being dribbled into the channel at la hague so much. Plutonium the most dangerous substance on earth.

      The nucleoapes control the narratives. They have, to have absolute control over the people . They have to contrpeoples basic thought processes, to keep their death cult going.
      Strong anti-nuclear advocates, have been sheepish for years, about simply coming out and saying how insane the whole thing is. The nuclear-governments control most medical and academic studies on radionuclide toxicology, and the mechanics of the destruction of the environment from the worst poisons on earth.
      France is saturatd with radionuclide, like Russia, Ukraine, the USA.
      France has multiple cracked core gas cooled, graphite reactors. England has aome built by france. Embittle contaonement. Only a matter of time.
      When there is a nuclear catastrophe in france, the creeping deaths they hide and acute deaths they lie about will be easily seen.

      Nuclear is ruining heath and living genomes. People are raised with two distinct and contadictory sets of information about radionuclides, with all the doublepeak and brainwashing.
      Ther are lysenkan-like health physics lies simply defy logic and reality totally take peoples eyes and minds off the ball of radionuclide bioccumulation. The most toxic mutagenic substances.
      A rational human being would be out the room in a heart-beat, if there were even, a minute amount of plutonium, tritium or Cobalt 60 unshielded in a room. People live and work  by reactors and by nuclear waste, that are full of these lethal radionuclide poisons everyday. The reactors leak and they lie about it especially in France.
      The radionuclide poisons are being spread everywhere in the countries like the us and france.
      Antinuclear groups that started 60 years ago, heldback for fear that the establishment would cherrypick them and cast them aside as crackpots or rabbleousers because all most the only health and academic studies are funded by nucleoape governments
      Talk to some millenials, from France. They will tell you about the stagnance and inexplicable pessimism in their society that is being covered up. The chronic health problems. The thyroid probs, adhd , heritable spectrum, heart attacks for no reason large amounts of depression
      the ennui in french culture is not simple boredom it is becoming despair in a culture where people are daamaged and cannot keepup any more
      stem cell damage and birth defects from radionuclides are also taking their toll in france

      the nucleoape establiahments, have to resort to counterintelligence operatives now in this post fukushima world to keep authoritarians like abe and putin and macron in power and keep a lid on things.
      People in countries like america, Russia, France, Japan, Korea live with this government-ingrained double-think, cognitive dissonance daily.

      The medical narratives for chronic disease in Nucleoape countries are flawed, at the most basic levels. They blame the worsening chronic disease rates on lifestyle instead of the most potent toxins in the universe.

      There are dangerous graphite gas-cooled reactors all over France and England with cracked cores, as bad or worse than Fukushima or Chernobyl taht will go at some point because they are old and the governments let them stay opened like in america and russia other countries

      The fascist DeGaul pushed  the French people into this suicidal folly, hook, line and sinker.

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