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Thousands of JFK files remain secret. According to the latest figures from the National Archives, a total of 15,834 JFK files remain fully or partially classified, most of them held by the CIA and FBI. Thanks to an October 2017 order from President Trump, these documents will not be made public until October 2021, at the earliest.



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Authored by Jefferson Morley via Counterpunch.org,

When I launched JFK Facts, a blog about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, in 2012, I was often asked by strangers, “So who killed JFK?”  “I don’t know,” I shrugged. “It’s too early to tell.” Given that the handsome liberal president had been shot dead a half-century before, my answer was a lame joke based on an apocryphal story. Henry Kissinger once said that when he asked Zhou Enlai, “What was the effect of the French Revolution on world history?” the Chinese statesmen replied, “It’s too early to tell.”

True to Kissingerian form, the story turns out to be not exactly true. Zhou was actually responding to a question about France’s political convulsions in 1968, not 1789.

But Kissinger’s spin on the anecdote struck me as perceptive.

The meaning of a great historical event might take a long time–a…

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16 thoughts on “JFK: What The CIA Hides | Zero Hedge

  1. ” Thanks to an October 2017 order from President Trump, these documents will not be made public until October 2021, at the earliest.”
    aint that some shit? who says trump is not deep state? or deep state controlled?


  2. Just my opinion, but I think the CIA is capable of everything except morality. Interesting book is “The Secret History of the CIA,” by Joseph J. Trento. The author agreed to use James J. Angleton’s records only after Angleton had been dead ten years. There are five pages in the book on the assassination, but it still wasn’t clear to me who was responsible for it.


  3. Zhou Enlai interesting quote here as CIA once blew up his Airplane and the Timer came from Arty Laginov Office in Hong Kong. Artie testimony to HSCA about PB/7 headed by Col Boris Pash is still classified this brings up Jeff Morley who failed to print my info on Pash because he didn’t like my tone. Now Jeff works for Ollie Curme as most of Mainstreet JFK researchers do in other words the coverup is in good hands and if it stays that way you can look at no progress in the next 56 years.


  4. There have been numerous people talking about, CIA involvement for years. Jim Garrison, Anthony Summers and John M. Newman.
    Alex Jones is a straightup-racist political operative, who could care less about JFK. All Jones wanted was the notoriety.
    Fetzer is affilliated with the known spook Jim Stone. Jim Stone is an admitted NSA opertive. Jim Stone worked with Wally O’Dell, the NSA spook that started the electronic vote rigging company, Diebold.
    Trump was deeply involved with Bolton, Abrams, The Mena state, Roger Stone, Roy Cohn and Kissinger. That is as deep state, as possible. The phoney trump outsider meme, is the conservative-deep-state-wing, narrative. The deep-state has multiple operations, sides, and faces.
    Why does this guy, name-drop, two spooks like Jones and Fetzer in this article? Very fishy.
    The CIA, was probably involved in the JFK assasination. There are so many smoke and mirrors. The smoke and mirrors and duplicitous name-dropping indicates counterintelligence involement, by the author of the article.


  5. Stuart,
    I think it was you or a blog you linked to that said JFK challenged the Federal Reserve Note and created by executive order a competing currency, including the silver certificate. That was possibly good reason for a number of players to off him. How dare he compete with the banking cartel? I wish I could remember the details of the blog, but i thought it very significant when I read it.


    • I don’t think it was my blog, though I was aware of JFK issuing silver certificates directly into the economy. It’s my impression that the motive behind the assassination had more to do with his foreign policy (Vietnam, closer ties with Soviets, refusal to launch nuclear war on Cuba etc.).

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