Invasion: Canada’s Ongoing Colonization of Its Indigenous People


Unistoten Camp (2019)

Film Review

Invasion is about an incursion into Wet’suwet’en earlier this year by Canadian police armed with assault weapons. This followed an injunction a British Columbia court granting  petroleum companies authority to build a network of oil/gas pipelines across their land. Since none of the Wet’suet’en clans have ceded their land to European settlers, the injunction is illegal.

Despite the arrest of 14 clan activists, the standoff continues, as the local clans complete construction of a four-story healing center near one of the proposed pipeline routes. The arrests have triggered support protests by indigenous people and environmentalists across Canada and in the US.


9 thoughts on “Invasion: Canada’s Ongoing Colonization of Its Indigenous People

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  2. And claim back all the land that has been stolen from them. Here in New Zealand, much stolen Maori land is still under public ownership and there are grassroots movements in many jurisdictions to reclaim the land – both through the courts and mass protest.

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  3. I am of the opinion that we don’t even need to reclaim the land but simply build our own systems. Adopt our own currencies and start our own courts and recognise our own people and our own systems.

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  4. Interesting perspective irkanata2020. Adopting a separate legal system and currency will go a long way towards restoring sovereignty. There are similar efforts occurring among Maori here in New Zealand. It strikes me that trying to reclaim privately owned land is quite complicated – I wonder if reclaiming public land is a somewhat different case.

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    • There is lots of crown lands which are un-inhabited which makes the claim process alot simpler. However we need to over come the claim that our rights are extinguished.


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