War Games: Why NORAD Failed to Stop the 911 Hijackers

9/11 War Games

Directed by James Corbett (2018)

Film Review

This documentary presents a well-produced investigation into the multiple war games the Pentagon coincidentally scheduled simultaneous with the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center. In conjunction with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), NORAD (North American Aerospace Command have a well established protocol of using Air Force jets to intercept hijacked airliners and either forcing them to land or shooting them down. On 9-11, the protocol failed – no fighters jets were scrambled to intercept the three planes that reportedly crashed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. All available evidence suggests that four Air Force war games (three involving simulating hijackings) created so much confusion for air traffic controllers and FAA and NORAD officials that they paralyzed their ability to respond to the real hijackings.

The film is based on research by the late Michael Ruppert, archived audio recordings of air traffic controllers and FAA and NORAD, and testimony to the 9-11 Commission.

Much detailed information about these simulated attacks remains classified. However the names of four of the simulation exercises are known:

  • Northern Vigilance – an exercise which sent most of the US fighter jets on duty to northern Canada and Alaska for the day.
  • Vigilant Guardian and Tripod 2 – exercises which inserted numerous false radar blips on air traffic controller screens to test their ability to respond to them.
  • Vigilant Warrior – an exercise consisting of numerous “live fly” hijack drills, in which military personnel dressed as civilians would board civilian flights and simulate fake hijackings.

FAA/NORAD officials confronted with 22 possible hijackings had only eight fighter jets available to respond to them  most were in Canada participating in Northern Vigilance). In three instances (Delta 1989, United Airlines 177 and Continental 321), fighter jets intercepted “simulated” hijackings and forced airliners to land.


7 thoughts on “War Games: Why NORAD Failed to Stop the 911 Hijackers

  1. Oh, Dear, this sets a false trail! It supports in the end the official narrative of the “Saudi Hijackers”. The Event happened because the Deep State organized and orchestrated it. The drills were a cover up for that from the very onset!
    „A Sad Anniversary: 18 Years Since Nine Eleven and a Sign on the Wall“: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2019/09/11/a-sad-anniversary-18-years-since-nine-eleven-and-a-sign-on-the-wall-ein-trauriger-jahrestag-18-jahre-seit-nine-eleven-und-die-feuerschrift-an-der-wand/

    Best regards

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    • Yes, absolutely no doubt it was a carefully pre-planned Deep State inside job. But that’s not what the propaganda says and therefore that’s not what ‘the people’ want to hear. The lie justifies the Iraqi mass murders and is much more convenient.


    • Schluter, I’m not sure how familiar you are with James Corbett and his work. He has always maintained that the Deep State organized and orchestrated it. His 911 Whistleblowers documentary establishes quite clearly that that the Twin Towers were brought down by explosions: https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2019/09/26/911-whistleblowers-review/

      A documentary explaining the entire cast of characters behind 911 would be 10 hours long. I quite like the way he breaks up the conspiracy into bite size pieces.


  2. The scene was set with 4 simultaneous war games / anti terrorism exercises? Likely primed with a cast of all too authentic “mock” hijackers. Perhaps when a live fire incident of some sort occurred it didn’t take much for the whole thing to become real…which may have been the “higher” desired result. Reminicant of the Three Amigos with the bandit “El Guapo” and his gang. In this film the village folk fell back on what they knew to do the best, which is perhaps much the same picture for the larger aftermath narative. I think it’s in the latest newsletter the power of drum and fife.


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