Sign the petition: Making D.C. a state is one of the top civil rights issues of our time

Finally, D.C. statehood is getting the national attention it deserves. In September 2019, the House Oversight Committee held the first hearing on the issue in over 25 years, and Democratic federal officials have come out to overwhelmingly support it.

Petition link: Support for DC statehood

Be a Seed for Change

Washington, D.C. has more residents than the states of Vermont and Wyoming, yet it has no Congressional representation—a basic tenet of our democracy.

Voter suppression is a grave injustice throughout the country, but nowhere is it more explicit than in D.C. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have no real representation in a government that dictates their local laws, courts, and budget.

D.C.’s mayor Muriel Bowser calls this lack of representation and local control a disgrace, saying: “We are not asking for a handout—we are demanding our fundamental rights as American citizens, and the rights for which many of our residents have fought and died.”
Why haven’t we rectified this injustice? Well, it’s no coincidence that D.C. is 50% Black. This is classic voter suppression, and modern-day colonialism, which specifically marginalizes people of color.

DC Residents are:
50% Black & majority people of color.
More populous than Wyoming and Vermont, and…

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5 thoughts on “Sign the petition: Making D.C. a state is one of the top civil rights issues of our time

  1. Better late than never? What next, an actual referendum to decide on a name for that pathetic country that calls itself “America” as if it was the sole representative and arbiter for the three American continents? I could come up with some choice names…


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