Roundup Cancer Lawsuits Rise To 42,700 Against Monsanto Bayer

It’s not looking good for Bayer-Monsanto.

AGR Daily News

Roundup-cancer lawsuits against Bayer-Monsanto in the U.S. have risen to 42,700 as of now, up from the reported number of 18,400 at the end of summer. Bayer has already lost the first three trials, with the juries in each case unanimously agreeing that Monsanto was guilty and that their Roundup weedkiller caused each victim’s cancer. And since then, Bayer’s stock prices have taken a nosedive, losing 30% of their value. And there are Roundup-cancer lawsuits being filed in Canada and Australia as well. It’s not looking good for Bayer-Monsanto. If Bayer were to lose more trials, it could sink the corporation. And that would be a great thing for the people of Earth! When Bayer bought Monsanto, we got the largest GMO/agrichemical monopoly the world had ever seen. But it could also mean the bankruptcy of two toxic corporations for the price of one. BOGO! 🤪

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6 thoughts on “Roundup Cancer Lawsuits Rise To 42,700 Against Monsanto Bayer

  1. Donald Trump wants to *impose this type of trade negotiations on the UK, *plus try to take over the NHS of England.That would be the price of Brexit. Boris Johnson has not the wit to see where his idiocy will take the UK…!  Servitude to America and bankruptcy… Ho-Hum.MEC 


  2. Last time I was there, Home Depot was still selling RoundUp. Even if Monsanto/Bayer goes under, the patents are immortal, and will undoubtedly survive under new names. And what about all those “RoundUp Ready” GMO crops?


  3. As I understand, Katherine, farmers were rejecting Roundup because they found it reduced their yield, rather than increasing it. With Trump’s trade wars with China and the late frosts and flooding destroying crop yields, I sense the whole industrial agriculture model is in deep trouble right now.

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