The 737 Max 8 Jet: Why Haven’t Boeing’s Executives Been Arrested?

“The real reason MCAS was developed was to correct for a tendency of the Max 8 to stall. In order to shorten development time for the aircraft, Boeing essentially welded on new engines to a half-century old airframe, which meant the jet constantly had a slight pitch up. Instead of designing a new body for the engines, company executives determined it would be much quicker and cheaper to apply a software fix to faulty hardware. Moreover, Boeing did everything it could to hide this development from regulators.”

Counter Information

Global Research, October 21, 2019

A leaked conversation between two Boeing employees provides further evidence that even though the aerospace giant was well aware of potentially catastrophic problems of the Boeing 737 Max 8 jet, it still decided to introduce the aircraft for commercial flights. Within two years of executives making the decision to put it into service, the deadly aircraft crashed twice—first in October 2018 and then in March of this year—killing 346 men, women and children.

So why aren’t any of Boeing’s executives facing criminal charges?

The exchange between Boeing pilot Mark Forkner and his colleague Patrick Gustavsson, first published by Reuters, again reveals that the company subordinates passenger safety to the drive for profit. With only six months to go before the release of the aircraft, Forkner noted “fundamental issues” with the Max 8 that other Boeing officials “claim…

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7 thoughts on “The 737 Max 8 Jet: Why Haven’t Boeing’s Executives Been Arrested?

  1. 2nd thought: do you ever get the feeling that Earthians have entered into their ‘lemming’ time? That they are literally throwing themselves in the path of chaos, destruction and death when their evanescent pleasures supercede their common sense, health, safety and even the long-term harm they do to their one and only world?

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      • Very sad but true, Tube. And apparently a very old problem. According to feminist anthropologists kings didn’t grab power, it was given up to them. Before kings, there were tribal councils. Kings were appointed to wage war against hostile tribes. Then people got bored of the tribal council meetings and decided to let kings do everything so they wouldn’t have to meet.

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        • And we have continued that concept right into the halls of Congress which allow lobbyists to write the legislation so the members of Congress don’t need to be bothered …………… and the real scary thing is that most people fly ….. STILL!

          Talking about asleep! “Oh daddy knows best, he would let us get hurt!”

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    • Based on my own observations during my involvements with directing change and after I decided to quit and just watch, I believe that the species has hit an evolutionary wall; that the choices it made in pushing its civilization upon the world were in essence evil, based on predatory processes so that the seed of civilization became entropic. There is no moving forward, or even backward, for this species: it has mentally atrophied. From it will arise something else, something unheard of on this world, perhaps even in this galaxy. What I “know” of this if from personal dreams and visions so have no value, no reality. Only time well tell if “man” was able to wake up, change, undo the damage he has done for millennia and bootstrap a whole new civilization based on none of the things that have made this one possible or if man extinguished itself as a species and was subsequently replaced by a new one more attuned to the concept I know as “Life.” Either way there is no easy interim for anyone.


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