Why Withdrawing US troops from Northern Syria is GOOD

By Rick Sterling

As Rick Sterling is quick to point out, the US Congress and media pundits—in bipartisan agreement—are throwing fits over Trump’s Syria pullout, but this is one of those rare cases of “accidental morality” for which Trump will be remembered, and which the Democrats, supposedly the “progressive wing” of the empire, should be applauding. (The Kurds have been betrayed before by the US, so this is hardly a Trump original crime). Either way, the CIA Democrats’ meltdown and their hysterical cries for continued war and US involvement in Syria shows clearly who really owns them, and why the revolting duopoly should be seen for what it is, a pretentious blabbering mob of criminals in the service of an imperial plutocracy. —PG


ABOVE: Veteran zionist Chuck Schumer (D-NY) speaking about his resolution to reverse Trump’s order to leave Syria. (TGP screengrab/YT)

The foreign policy elite is in an uproar. They claim “we have abandoned our allies”. They question “how can America be trusted?” They say the decision to withdraw from northern Syria was a “gift” to Russia, Iran, and Assad…. even ISIS. It is true that the policy of US/NATO interventionism is failing. But that has been true since the invasion of Iraq or earlier. After the disastrous invasions and attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and the 8 year undeclared war on Syria, isn’t it time to question the foreign policy elite?

If one believes in restoring international law and the UN Charter, it is GOOD that US military forces have been withdrawn from northern Syria. Here are some facts and history which explain why.

Basic fact: Syria is not our country and US troops were never authorized by the sovereign government. Whether or not Washington likes Damascus is irrelevant. Under international law those troops have no right to be there. Even the overflights of Syria by the US air coalition violate international agreements. It’s up to Syrians to defend their country against invading Turkey. If they choose to get support from another country, that is their right.

Another fact: President Obama was correct when he said that “putting boots on the ground” in Syria would be a “profound mistake”. Later he said, “We have a very specific objective, one that will not lead into boots on the ground or anything like that.” But the hawks prevailed. There were not only “boots on the ground”, there was a shifting rationale why they had to be there. [In this, Obama, as usual, hid behind his rhetoric to implement the empire’s instructions, and he did that with what some observers would easily qualify as “administrative enthusiasm.”—Eds)

The US and allies have done all they could, short of direct invasion, to overthrow the Syrian government. They have spent tens of BILLIONS of dollars in weapons, training, equipment, recruitment, etc.. This is in violation of international law. More than one hundred thousand Syrians have died defending their country against a foreign sponsored army of mercenaries and foreign fighters.

An astonishing fact: The US encouraged the emergence of the Islamic State. Why? Because it put pressure on Damascus and because it justified the entry of the US. While the US carpet bombed Raqqa, it looked the other way as hundreds of trucks conveyed oil from eastern Syria into Turkey to fund the Islamic State. The US air coalition attacked the Syrian Arab Army (Syria’s legitimate armed forces) in the midst of a critical battle against ISIS near Deir Ezzor. In a secretly recorded conversation in New York with Syrian “activists”, John Kerry admitted they were watching ISIS and hoping to use it to pressure Damascus. In other words, US foreign policy was duplicitous and used terrorism as a tool. This is well documented in the book “The Management of Savagery”.

After the US backed “Free Syrian Army” failed, the US looked for another means to destabilize Syria. They started to fund the Syrian Kurdish militias known as the Peoples Protection Unit (YPG /YPJ). They gave the militias a new name, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and encouraged the secessionist tendency. Meanwhile in Turkey, which has the largest Kurdish community in the region, most Kurds want to have their rights within Turkey and have formed a political party (Peoples Democratic Party – HDP) which unites progressives of all ethnicities. In the 2015 Turkish election this party emerged as the third most popular party and stopped Erdogan’s election domination. Currently the HDP is campaigning against Turkey’s invasion of Syria. As of 13 October the Syrian Kurdish militias have come to an agreement to work with Damascus to combat the Turkish invasion. The agreement specifies that the Syrian Arab Army will control and defend the entire area from Jarablus on the Euphrates River to the far eastern border with Iraq.

Advocates of US intervention claim that the Kurds were fighting and dying “for us”. That is not true. They were defending their own community. To the extent that they accepted and welcomed US air support, equipment, weaponry, etc. it was for their own benefit. There were two parties trying to use each other […]

Source: Why Withdrawing US troops from Northern Syria is GOOD

2 thoughts on “Why Withdrawing US troops from Northern Syria is GOOD

  1. This is a good article and it is good They are leaving Syria but it does not capture the whole story

    America should Withdraw all Troops from the Middle east. In Afgahnistan, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and not just redeploy them in more war zones when it pulls them out elsewherw.


    OCTOBER 2, 2019
    “MBS must shelve his vicious war in Yemen
    Detained men described by the Iran-backed Houthi rebel group as pro-government fighters captured in an August offensive near the southern Saudi region of Najran. Image grab: Ansarullah Media Center handout via AFP
    MBS must shelve his vicious war in Yemen
    More attacks on Saudi Arabia appear inevitable unless it agrees to stop war against Houthi rebels

    Never underestimate the power of blowback. Right now, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), the de facto ruler of the House of Saud, is staring at it, an ominous abyss opened by the Houthis in Yemen.

    This past weekend, Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier Yahya al-Sari clinically described how Ansarallah, also known as the Houthi rebel movement, aided by what Yemenis describe as “popular committees,” captured three Saudi brigades of 2,400 – ragged – soldiers, plus Yemeni and Sudanese mercenaries as well as several hundred battle vehicles. At least 500 Saudi soldiers were killed, Ansarallah said. (A spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition denied the claim).”

    Trump is not Pulling Troops out of the Middle East
    He is shifting American troops to Saudi Arabia from Syria because the Incompetent, brutal 911 perpetrator regime of  Saudi Arabis is losing to the Houthi’s in Yemen


    Trump to deploy 3,000 additional troops to saudi arabia

    Trump is also aiding the Corrupt, incompetent and hated regime of Saudi Arabia in developing Nuclear Weapons and building nuclear reactors in Saud i Arabia that can be used to make weapons grade nuclear material.

    Trump made a deal with the Turks to sell out the Kurds for personal Financial Gain in a back-door deal with the tuks and because he does not think he can peronally make money from the Kurds


    That is despicable enough. Trump should pull American Troops out of the middle east but he is shifting troops to saudi arabia because the saudis are getting beaten by the Houthis in Yemen.


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