Harvard Medical School Professors Uncover A Hard To Swallow Truth About Vaccines, by Arjun Walla

“From 2013 to 2017, measles killed 2 people, but the vaccine killed 127 people. The odds of dying from the measles are 0.01 – 0.02 percent, meaning you have a greater chance of getting hit by a lightning bolt multiple times. Furthermore, if your child contracts the measles, they will be immune for life, but that cannot be said for vaccinated children.”


The data don’t support the anti-anti-vaccination cohort. From Arjun Walla at collective-evolution.com:


  • The Facts:A 2010 HHS pilot study by the Federal Agency for Health Care Research (AHCR) found that 1 in every 39 vaccines causes injury, a shocking comparison to the claims from the CDC of 1 in every million.
  • Reflect On:Are vaccines really as safe as they’re marketed to be?

We are constantly told that vaccines are safe and effective and that there’s nothing to worry about. This simply isn’t the case, and it’s a hard-to-swallow truth that many people refuse to acknowledge. Mass marketing campaigns portray vaccines in a ‘God-like’ light, and the science is being ignored. The truth is that vaccines are actually exempt from double blind placebo controlled studies and they have not been put through appropriate safety testing. Furthermore, a number of concerns have been raised about vaccine safety by a number of…

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5 thoughts on “Harvard Medical School Professors Uncover A Hard To Swallow Truth About Vaccines, by Arjun Walla

  1. How did this get so out of hand? I’m reminded that Pharma has also been “gifting” some second and third world countries with free vaccines for various ailments, but there’s no indication the vaccines have passed US muster (not that this is any guarantee of safety or efficacy).

    Various governments seem almost rabid in their promotion of vaccination mandates. Have they received their rabies vaccinations yet?


    • Katherine, it’s hard to pinpoint where it started. I really agree with Dr Suzanne Humphries view that up until the early 20th century infectious disease was the scourge of humanity largely due to extreme malnutrition associated with the extreme poverty of the early industrial revolution. The whole fixation with germs and germ-killing agents in soaps, cleaning products, chlorinated water, is totally misplaced. Only a tiny proportion of bacteria cause illness, and we’re inadvertently killing off all the “good” gut bacteria we need in our gut for our immunity to work effectively.

      Sadly science has been corrupted (mainly by the profit motive) at all levels of the medical establishment.

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      • I agree with everything you say but would add that bad sanitation was and is still a major factor. It horrifies me that these public health campaigns in third world countries seem to ignore sanitation (and nutrition) in favor of drugs and vaccines.

        By the way, I’m oh so happy to hear these things from another MD. We are rare commoditie.

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