Young Republicans Breaking from Party on Climate

Of the GOP voters under the age of 40, more than half, or 55 percent, said they are “very or extremely” concerned about their party’s position on climate change.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

We’re energy optimists and climate realists.

Members of republicEn are conservatives, libertarians, and pragmatists of diverse political opinion. We stand together because climate change is real, and we believe it’s our duty and opportunity to reduce the risks. We believe in the power of American free enterprise to deliver the innovation to solve climate change.

republicEn is founded on four major pillars:

  • Limited government
  • Accountability
  • Free enterprise
  • Environmental stewardship

Conservatives need to stop disputing obvious climate change and enter the competition of ideas about solutions. Climate change is a serious threat, and it requires action.

The Hill:

Prominent GOPpollster Frank Luntz is warning Republican lawmakers that the public’s views on climate change are shifting and that ignoringthe issuecould cost them important votes at the ballot box.

In a memocirculated to Republican congressional offices on Wednesday, Luntz Global Partners warned that 58 percent of Americans, as well as 58…

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3 thoughts on “Young Republicans Breaking from Party on Climate

  1. Yes Climate collaboration or opportunism is no different from backing warmongers for destructo capitalist insider advantage.
    If budget is the political capital – does the Climate agenda have deeper pockets – at least enough to turn some key opinion leaders or foment ‘revolutions’ from below.

    BTW if capitalism was properly accountable for its true costs and consequence – it would be a different system. That the Financial and Energy Cartel insiders etc, acquired power to circumvent and effectively capture all influential social institutions is the ‘done deal’ in that laws are set and used to protect the powerful against transparency and accountability. They have the power of lies – which is their choice to live with or change – but do they have the power to make them accepted true – or is that something they have to induce from others by coercions and deceits that are less effective for being exposed as such?


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