US Media Propaganda. Drawing “Liberals” and “Leftists” into the CIA’s Orbit. NPR

John Lansing, NPR’s new CEO, is currently the chief executive of the government (ie CIA) agency, The U.S. Agency for Global Media, that oversees Voice of America, Radio and Television Marti, and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, among others

Counter Information

Will NPR Now Officially Change Its Name to National Propaganda Radio?

Global Research, September 08, 2019

Back in the 1960s, the CIA official Cord Meyer said the agency needed to “court the compatible left.”  He knew that drawing liberals and leftists into the CIA’s orbit was the key to efficient propaganda.  Right-wing and left-wing collaborators were needed to create a powerful propaganda apparatus that would be capable of hypnotizing audiences into believing the myth of American exceptionalism and its divine right to rule the world.  The CIA therefore secretly worked to influence American and world opinion through the literary and intellectual elites.

Frances Stonor Saunders comprehensively covers this in her 1999 book, The Cultural Cold War: The CIA And The World Of Arts And Letters, and Joel Whitney followed this up in 2016 with Finks: How the CIA Tricked the World’s Best Writers, with particular…

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2 thoughts on “US Media Propaganda. Drawing “Liberals” and “Leftists” into the CIA’s Orbit. NPR

  1. The new authoritarian neoliberalism modell, is worse than overt fascism. Npr was taken over by the GOP, under Reagan. The fairness doctrine was cancelled then. America is so diseased now, it is beyond the point of no return. . No pretense of democracy exists. it is diseased from industrial poison and system collapse. This is an ok article. People are deluding themselves if they think things can go on the way they are …


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