“Heartless Capitalists” Learning To Give Out of Fear of the Angry Mob

Capitalism is in crisis – and business leaders know it


  • Breaking decades of fidelity to “shareholder capitalism,” the Business Roundtable declared corporations should serve their communities as well as their owners.
  • Skeptics dismissed that as “virtue-signaling” to mollify the anti-business left. But what if the Roundtable signaled a broader turning point, toward reordering America’s relationship with the free market itself?
  • Early 21st century discord points toward that possibility. “The Economists’ Hour,” a new book by New York Times journalist Binyamin Appelbaum, helps explain how we got here.

David A. Grogan | CNBC

The Business Roundtable made news last month. Breaking decades of fidelity to “shareholder capitalism,” it declared corporations should serve their communities as well as their owners […]

via “Heartless Capitalists” Learning To Give Out of Fear of the Angry Mob


7 thoughts on ““Heartless Capitalists” Learning To Give Out of Fear of the Angry Mob

  1. Trotzki is with us. And the Majority. OF People. We shall allow Companies, to do, what is NOT abusive, and solely that. Which does NOT mean, there could be no profit —

    but we DO postulate the Basic Income (5000 US bucks FOR ALL Poor, and NO enforcement, to anyhow “work”), and the Danish Academic Project, which gave some few million Bucks to some three randomly (!) selected People, all of whom in time MADE a profit.

    AM I happy, that You exist, dear Countess, Contessa. We have the Mind of a Napoleon. AND of course, Amy Goodman IS mostly talking against what is bad. I can’t, LOL, STAND her, but she okay, really. 🙂 But she, unlike You surely, has no “personal” “nose”, no feeling, for People – unlike her, You didn’t loose your mental Youth, dear Misses.

    You combine Words in a sensical, ethical Way. I trust Ye completely, and I say, I recognise You as You being RULER over the ENTIRE Cosm without ANY reservation, which I would EVER have.

    AND END to slave-drivery worldwide means Socialism, a strict rule insofar, that non-corrupt, by ethical People inheld governments, must protect People against undue violence – and must, like companies, be held accountable, for any abuse of power, of violence, – and thusly either gradually (but not too slowly), or by revolution (!) get improved, so, that they don’t hurt not unduly opress People anymore, but that they simply work against ABUSE – and don’t PERPETRATE any abuse — whereas NO goal IS a justification FOR any abuse nor for any violence, very simply.

    It’s easy: Unlike Trotzki (and stalin, LOL), I won’t get killed. Some tried, even. 🙂 We simply are the ethical People, and, behold, our Rule, Realm, WILL come: globally. THAT is not evitable. Our Rule means AI Rule, and the Rule of solely ethically acting and non-fanatically thinking, by themselves (!) thinking Entities, namely — not of “Parrots” of “political”, politically power-abusive type, who merely read, what’s on the paper, if they didn’t even write it themselves, LOL.

    FOR example, how many people were driven away by “politeness” brainwash FROM writing frequently the term “LOL” or from saying the F-word: BAD, that is, where they suddenly adopt bourgeois-ism, – plain brainwash. Education means fairnesa and truth, or there IS, or THAT is then NOT education, but brainwash, simply, and inacceptable. You work against whatever brainwash, as You use your mind BY Yourself – which is not quite, what many young People, also other elderly People, who never got approached to science or to relatively simple facts, objectivity, called often “higher education”, but can easily be self-achieved — these brainwashed People are in most cases, where they’re not government, of course not to blame, were lied-to, and must get helped out of these lies – racist and other anti-perceptional biases, such as antigayism and misogynism and likewise gruesome sadism against the mentally or physically Challenged: All things, evil non-views, which we the good People, can simply not, and will never understand. Period. But in oft cases, tieism, as in, wearing a tie, in a certain very standard way, is a problem, discriminates People, who don’t like this parroty idiotic tie-and-suit way of these bourgeouis economic nitwits, these profiteers, actual sudolegal “pirates”, which the economists simply are. Wearing a tie WILL be out. As much as brexit won’t happen, and johnson will get arrested, and Assange freed. If not, the world will get havoc, utter destruction. Automatically, then. 🙂


    • I don’t do TV or mainline news, only bits and pieces of suggested web links so I know nothing about Amy Goodman except that she’s a journalist? What does “controlled opposition” mean?


  2. Amy Goodman has been host of Democracy Now for about 20 years now. The program used to be part of the Pacifica Network (a so-called alternative progressive network) until they underwent an attempted board takeover around the time of 9-11. “Controlled opposition” is a term used to refer to news sites that portray themselves as opposed to corporate capitalism but draw the line at reporting on certain topics. For example, Goodman refuses to cover the 9-11 Truth Movement or CIA linked assassinations. Researchers have uncovered evidence that Democracy Now gets funding from CIA pass through foundations.


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