The U.S. is trying to turn Hong Kong into a corporatized state

“On the recently revealed photograph of protest leaders Joshua Wong and Nathan Law meeting with the political unit chief of the U.S. consulate general in Hong Kong Julie Edaeh, Ron Paul assessed that: ‘This isn’t State Department employees. The person you refer to allegedly runs the political affairs desk at the consulate in Hong Kong. But obviously that’s not a political affairs desk, that’s a cover for a CIA [psyop].'”

Journal of People

by Rainer Shea

Many protesters are being instructed to provoke harsh responses from the police, thereby providing more slanderous grist for the American propaganda mill which will then paint China as a repressive, anti-democratic power. The frequent use of American flags also indicates their ignorance and subjection to US manipulation.

I’m very grateful for the fact that my ideological development as a socialist has led me towards the principled anti-imperialist worldview which informs my opposition to the project for colonialist insurrection in Hong Kong. I could easily have gone in the opposite direction; for a while, I routinely sought out the authority of the World Socialist Website, the Trotskyist publication that’s given very sympathetic coverage to the anti-Beijing protesters. But my views on Hong Kong have developed the opposite way that the U.S. empire and its narrative enforcers in outlets like the WSWS have tried to steer me…

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5 thoughts on “The U.S. is trying to turn Hong Kong into a corporatized state

  1. Life in HK far better than CCP, land of factories driving people to suicide, and live organ “donors” giving live vital organs if social standing not a accepted.

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    • I think the problem we face is the tendency of the media to present a black and white choice – either we support the US or we have to support China. At present, I see the unchecked irrational military aggression of the US as far more dangerous than China’s foreign policy. The US is prepared to take the whole world to the brink of nuclear and/or climate apocalypse. I see a number of countries – including China, Russia, Turkey and Iran – being willing to take a stand to oppose US recklessness. This is the main reason I oppose the US color revolution in Hong Kong – no matter how despicably Beijing treats their own people. There is massive labor unrest in mainland China – with 80-100 strikes a day. For whatever reason, the Chinese people seem to have more capacity to resist their repressive government than Americans do.


  2. You may have misunderstood my comment. As regards Hong Kong’s particular situation, I can see how many of these people would fear a complete take over by China. In that case, China becomes a colonial power. I’ve read too much over the years of current Chinese history to naively believe that China wants full control of Hong Kong out of concern for the people. Communist China operated with capitalist economics is a far cry from a Utopia as I’ve already mentioned. I don’t trust the government of China or its long term goals anymore than I trust that of the USA. As I said, between a rock and a hard place for Hong Kong.


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