Nonprofit Drug Maker Produces TB Antibiotic After Private Companies Wouldn’t

PBS News Hour

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of a new tuberculosis antibiotic this month could be a significant win not only for TB patients, but for a burgeoning nonprofit model for developing prescription drugs.

Please see link for entire article, but in essence this is important for a number of reasons:

    • The new drug, pretomanid, developed by the nonprofit TB Alliance, achieved a 90% success rate among patients with highly drug-resistant forms of TB who took the antibiotic as part of a three-drug, all-oral regimen over a six month period.
    • Some LLMD’s are using tuberculosis drugs successfully in refractory Lyme/MSIDS patients
    • Evidently there has been a pharmaceutical exodus from the antibiotic business due to lack of economic incentive
    • Pharmaceutical funding has shifted toward drugs that will yield more money such as cancer drugs, because drugs for chronic illnesses are immediately put to use and taken for long periods of time
    • According to some, the only sustainable model for antibiotics are nonprofits with endowments. Endowments cover basic operational costs and allow for a lengthy and tedious discovery process for antibiotics and drugs that are needed but aren’t profitable
    • Nonprofits; however, cut costs by having a reduced staff without laboratories, requiring them to partner with other labs, academic institutions, or research organizations as well as develop relationships with for-profit companies for toxicology, chemical combinations and dosages, and the actual manufacturing of the drugs […]


via Nonprofit Drug Maker Produces TB Antibiotic After Private Companies Wouldn’t — Madison Area Lyme Support Group

9 thoughts on “Nonprofit Drug Maker Produces TB Antibiotic After Private Companies Wouldn’t

  1. I hope that the author of pretanimid continues his good work. He is like the famous Alexander Fleming, who invented Penicillin in a Catholic Hospital in London, St Marys in 1928. He cares about curing the sick rather than how much money he can make … like big Pharma.


  2. Too many drug resistant organisms and emerging microbial diseases. Sometime I use a device because of internet viruses and computer issues. Sorry about errors and grammer. At least you know it is authentic.
    If anyone in America used a tracert on their computer, they could see the government snooping in their computer.


  3. I have seen at least 500 MRSA cases. Vancomycin, hardly works anymore in the latest strains.
    Some are now using an Equine antiparasitic, with Gentamycin. It is the only thing that works.


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