Andre Vltchek

The Empire’s true signature: wherever it fixes its malignant attention. It never varies.

It used to be done regularly and it worked: The West identified a country as its enemy, unleashed its professional propaganda against it, then administered a series of sanctions, starving and murdering children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups. If the country did not collapse within months or just couple of years, the bombing would begin. And the nation, totally shaken, in pain, and in disarray, would collapse like a house of cards, once the first NATO boots hit its ground.

Such scenarios were re-enacted, again and again, from Yugoslavia to Iraq.

But suddenly, something significant has happened. This horrific lawlessness, this chaos stopped; it was deterred.

The West keeps using the same tactics, it tries to terrorize independent-minded countries, to frighten people into submission, to overthrow what it defines as ‘regimes’, but its power, its monstrously destructive power has all of a sudden become ineffective.

It hits, and the attacked nation shakes, screams, sheds blood, but keeps standing, keeps proudly erect.


What we are experiencing is a great moment in human history. Imperialism has not yet been defeated, but it is losing its global grip on power.

Now we have to clearly understand ‘Why?’, so we can continue our struggle, with even greater determination, with even greater effectiveness.

First of all, by now we know that the West cannot fight. It can spend trillions on ‘defense’, it can build nuclear bombs, ‘smart missiles’ and strategic warplanes. But it is too cowardly, too spoiled to risk the lives of its soldiers. It either kills remotely, or by using regional mercenaries. Whenever it becomes clear that the presence of its troops would be required, it backs off.

Sino-Russian friendship extends to all areas, especially mutual self-defence.

Secondly, it, the West, is totally horrified of the fact that there are now two super-powerful countries – China and Russia – which are unwilling to abandon their allies. Washington and London do all they can to smear Russia and to intimidate China. Russia is being provoked continuously: by propaganda, by military bases, sanctions and by new and newer bizarre mass media inventions that depict it as the villain in all imaginable circumstances. China has been provoked practically and insanely, ‘on all fronts’ – from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and the so-called ‘Uyghur Issue’, to trade.

Any strategy that could weaken these two countries, is applied. Yet, Russia and China do not crumble. They do not surrender. And they do not abandon their friends. Instead, they are building great railroads in Africa and Asia, they educate people from almost all poor and desperate countries, and stand by those who are being terrorized by both North America and Europe.

Thirdly, all the countries in the world are now clearly aware of what would happen to them, if they give up and get ‘liberated’ by the Western empire. Iraq, Honduras, Indonesia, Libya and Afghanistan, are the ‘best’ examples. Submitting themselves to the West, countries can only expect misery, absolute collapse and the ruthless extraction of their resources. The poorest country in Asia – Afghanistan – has totally collapsed under NATO occupation […]



  1. Really good article. It is because this chaotic clown monater is such an idiot and the seserved dwonfall of this filthy nuclear bully empire. The problem is that this demented asshole has opened is up to major nuclear catastrophes in the next two years and nuclear war. It wont go down gracefully. It and the pathetic monsters it is involved with will take us down to total destruction worse than hitler did

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      • So your saying just let the reactors explode so that everyone and evrything will die or lets go ahead and have a nuclear war. That is where it is going. It is beyon CIA-corporate manipulation memes now and you know it. It is nihilistic. To bad for all living things on earth. If we allow evil-monkeys to lead it to radionuclide extionction with no hope of any comeback, perhaps that is what is deserved. There is no hormesis. There is no mumbo jumbo, it is over. Sorry that is reality


        • What I’m saying is we need to go after the evil monkeys behind Trump – I believe it’s a mistake to focus on Trump. He’s just a useful idiot. If we get rid of him, there’s a strong risk they will replace him with someone more competent and thus more dangerous.

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          • WE are on the brink of extinction. I predicted a nuclear explosion this year.  What you think you see is illusional. There is not  anytime for ideological bullshit. The illusion is kept going by everyone .  The ideological bullshit is illusional . That is what a society is. There is no Japan. I was there in 1998 in 2004 and in 2013. I saw how badly contaminated Japan was after fukushima. Most people are barely aluve. People go there in jets and dive in cars theere while breathing ceaium137 and plutonium but people are not really alive in most senses of the word
            There will be no olympics there in 2020. Their olympics chairman has quit. Japan has gone beyond a tipping point. It is simply falling apart. The samw has truly happened in Ukraine and Bwlarus. Humans deludw themselves very easily.
            America is just barely going. it does not matter what leaders take over because it is at a tipping point. There is no them. The geezers in wahington dc will go soon too. There

            top points lakes w co2

            I do not know what you are talking about. Germany was filling up with nuclear waste and had reactors ready to blow. They are shutting nuclear down. A reactor still running could blow in Germany and that would be it for them. but they are taking active steps to avoid it.
            I do not care about ideology bullshit. Things are in chaos. America is in total chaos now. People like you who are perpetuating some ideological focus, are as crazy as the disconnected people keeping the reactors opened .
            Whether is an emptty suit with a technocrat willing to do it or aomeone who soes it, it has to be done.

            The Germans did . Half of their frikin country was badly contaminated by Chernobyl. Fukushima occured and they saw the writing on the wall and closed their most dangerous reactors immediately. They are phasing out the rest.
            If a sane person does not step in and completely shutdown the 10 reactors that are ready to blow now, that will be it.

            When they blow there will be no turning back Japan,Ukraine, Belarus are not real functioning societies anymore because, they have gone beyond bioligical limits of radionuclide contamination. I am concerned about finances here for me but that will be meaning less if reactors go because i have seen firsthand what has happened in belaeus chernobyl and Japan. They are beyondv the tipping point. Japan will not even have olympics in 2020 . That is all crap. The olympic head just quit . It is all hype.


  2. Added comment: It is heartening, and high time that the rest of the “non-aligned” (i.e. non-enslaved) world stood up to the depredations of the Anglo-American military/corporate empire.


    • There will be no empires when more reactors blow meltdown and burn up in the near future or if there is a nuclear war. These are tipping points


    • There will be no empires when more reactors blow meltdown and burn up in the near future or if there is a nuclear war. These are tipping points


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