Is the U S going under?

All over television, experts are breathlessly speculating about when the coming recession will begin, and they are dispensing lots of advice about how people should be preparing for it.

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The numbers are telling us that we have never been closer to the next recession than we are right now. The storm clouds that were gathering on the horizon are now directly above us, and suddenly the mainstream mediais filled with storiesabout when the next recession will begin and the effect that this may have on President Trump’s chances of winning in 2020. In fact, there has been so much chatter about thisthat even President Trump is talking about it. All over television, experts are breathlessly speculating about when the coming recession will begin, and they are dispensing lots of advice about how people should be preparing for it.

So what evidence has led so many of these talking heads to come to such a conclusion?

Well, the following are 11 reasons why so many experts now believe that a U.S. economic crisis is imminent…


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2 thoughts on “Is the U S going under?

  1. Who gives a shit what this insane clown geezer does or thinks
    It is a husk.

    There will be no america in the near future. There will be a few more nuclear catastrophes and that will be it. No crazy man has ever deregulated supervions of nuclear reactors like this before or pushed to keep ones ready to explode to stay opened like this before.Too bad for everyone. No crazy man has pursues nuclear war with the zeal of this demented geezer moron before in history. This thing thought the shooting was in akron not dayton and the other houston not elpaso. This country is gone. The massive amount of radionuclide pollution are over taking the world and contributing significantly to global warming


  2. This post will be censored because it has too much truth and reality

    Who will shut down the reactors and cleanup the waste. Mostly people have to rely on government. Government has little integrity.  They  have  the money and equipment to get a reactor closed, a pile moved waste done right. It fur sure aint happenin under this criminal.

    Outraged democratic movements usually have to  move a nuclear pile  or get a bad reactor closed. Westrrn plutocratic govts are very corrupt.  There should be no nuclear power or nuclear weapons. People have to takes things into their own hands to get reactors closed down. To get nuclear waste out of the middle of their towns.
    As corrupt as govt is,  they pale in comparison to nuclear companies. We  know that from karen silkwood and rocky flats.
    The russians , actually put their hearts into doing their best with chernobyl. The japanese are a phoney bunch, when it comes to corporate fraud and malfeasance always have been i have cousins in japan.
    Nuclear reactors cost billions to build they are not cost effective .
    They will say a reactor costs 5 billion. It will overrun by 3-10 years  and 15 or 30 build qhen all said and done  Nuclear is the most dangerous  and  fraudulent  scam in the universe, to begin with.

    The  last libertarian candidate for pres in 2016 gary wats-his-name, even  said a nuclear regulatory agency was essential with any nuclear reactor or waste management going on.

    There should be no nuclear. The germans have terminated it

    One huge nuclear pile sat for 40 years poisononing a community and several others downstream . The company that did it stole the reclamation fund, as they always do and declared bankrupsy. Thats fascist capitalism for u.
    We had to step in. Took 10 years of letter wrighting and lawyers to get them started.

    Private corporations steal  the money for decommissioning over the course of their government subsidized lives.

    Nixon , William teller and evil kissinger wanted to build a thousand nuclear reactors, in the USA by 2000.
    If their would not have been a strong antiinuclear movement they would have gotten to four hundred reactors in america by 1995 and there would have been so much nuclear waste and so many disasters, that america would not have  existed by 2000

    Listen to harvey wassermans podcast

    Harvey Wasserman Podcast Solartopia The Future Using Solar and Renewables. They are doing it in Germany : Ohio Reactor Bailout and Diablo Canyon

      I helped work to get two huge nuke waste dumps moved. They were  left because private industry stole all the money.

    Trump is setting america up for a couple of major nuclear disasters and quite frannkly we will not survive them. Probably a highhlevel waste used fuel fire or two as well.

    There has never been anything as stupid or corrupt as Trump when it comes to nuclear . There have been dooseys. It is not like pesticides, or messing up a national park or fracking or oil spills. It is apocolyptic shit at this point. 
    The  reactor i have worked on closing took a lot of legal work.  What to do with the waste is the biggest issue.   Listen to harvey wassermans podcast

    There is enough nuclear waste now to kill everything a 2530 time over now. Radioactive Krypton is destroying the ozone layer faster than ever now. methane with dadioactive carbon in it from the 2000 nuclear explosions of the fifties and sixties is melting the arctic ice twice as faat as anticipated. all necada aquifers are completely radioactive from ur trusted nuclear companies the columbia river too.

    Dirty bombs and nuke bombs can be made from nuke waste uranium and plutonium cesium137 etc.

    The Price Anderson act is the only way these evil monkey bastards have gotten away with this for so long


    It literally abrogates them from the millions and billions of cancers micarriages birth defets , deaths and other chronic illnesses they have caused–Anderson_Nuclear_Industries_Indemnity_Act

    The world is getting closer to war under these insane clown bastards.Closer to all out nuclear war by murica etc. No one is acting to reign in the stupid evil clown monkey and get reactors closed.

    They did it. they did it again and again  they detonated 2000 bombs for no reason. They built all these shitty reactors with millions of tons of nuclear waste dumped everywhere. A lot in the arctic ocean.

    The earth and atmosphere have huge amounts of the worst radionuclide pollution  . The  long-lasting radionuclide contamination from bombs . The reactor accidenta  and waste now .
    The massive radionuclide contamination conntributing to the  global warming effect and they are lying their asses off about its..
    More radioactivity means more heat. Reactor overgenerate useless heat that destroy surrounding environments.
    Can it be changed?  If there is a concerted effort to save the world maybe. It will not happen though nuclear plants’ with the clown prince doing extreme nuclear deregulation.

    Holtecs dodgy nuclear waste cannisters Sponsored By Perry

    Holtec Dodgy Coroded Fuel Rods that could catch firebin bad casks by fraudulent easst indis crook singh

    criticality from badly managed nuclear waste

    The nukemonkey scientists that set off the first bombs, were afraid it might set part of the atmosphere on fire. They did it anyway. They will not tell us the environmental cascades that things like radioactive kryton are doing to the upper atmosphere.
    Edison knew about the tumorogenic properties of radionuclides. Muller knew about the mutagenic in the 20s from fruit fly experiments. They played with the extinction poisons anyway.
    They did not manage to completely set the atmosphere on fire but, they set the human genome on firre . The fuse is burning to our extinction.


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