Ten Things We are Asked to Believe about Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

“Never mind that the list of powerful men (and women) known to have been close to Epstein, flown on his jet, attended his parties, and/or visited his island includes such names as Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson, George Mitchell, Alan Dershowitz, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Erik Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed, and Donald Trump.”

Journal of People

by Gary Leupp

We are asked to believe the following basic “facts” about the pedophile [Strictly speaking, pedophilia is sex with prepubescent children, generally before age 13 — DV Editor] philanthropist’s death, some more credible than others:

1. On August 23, Jeffrey Epstein attempted suicide in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. (But it was reported at the time that Epstein may have been attacked by a fellow inmate in jail, and the matter was not well covered in the press.) The coroner handling Epstein’s autopsy notes that this attempt has “never been definitively explained.”

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4 thoughts on “Ten Things We are Asked to Believe about Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

  1. One might add that nobody apparently thought it proper or routine to take photos of the cell (and body!) where Epstein allegedly killed himself, – if not for following routine police/prison procedure, but for the simple reason that Epstein is only the most high profile prisoner in America, and arguably on Earth.

    It seems impossible for there to have been less transparency in all things Epstein, leading most sane Americans and people around the world to completely understand there is an ongoing clear cover-up occurring.

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