To Defeat Fascism, We Must Dismantle Capitalism

“At the level of politics and the state, deregulation, privatization, and commodification give wide freedoms to corporations while policing the poor, promoting law-and-order politics, and instituting progressively more draconian racist immigration policies.”

Rise Up Times

Challenging authoritarianism today requires the remaking of political culture and a radical reconstruction of the political economy of the media and the internet.

By Christian Fuchs / Los Angeles Review of Books  Truthdig
BOOK REVIEW  August 16, 2019

To Defeat Fascism, We Must Dismantle CapitalismDonald Trump. (Gage Skidmore / Flickr

“The Terror of the Unforeseen”  A book by Henry A. Giroux

Henry A. Giroux’s book “The Terror of the Unforeseen” analyzes the conditions that have enabled and led to Donald Trump’s rule and the consequences of that rule, which have ushered in an authoritarian version of capitalism. Giroux provides a realistic analysis that holds out the hope that, through collective efforts, change is possible and democracy can be saved.

There is an intellectual debate on whether or not the power wielded by the likes of Trump, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orbán, Matteo Salvini, Geert Wilders, Heinz-Christian Strache, or Jörg Meuthen and Alexander Gauland…

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8 thoughts on “To Defeat Fascism, We Must Dismantle Capitalism

  1. The most powerful centers of neo-fascist power in America are sucking america dry: The Petroleum insustry . The Nuclear Industry

    The Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, huge corporations, Wall Street, The MIC, Pharmaceutical industry, The rediculously awful and parasitic Medical Care in america where you can do better going to mexico.
    I saw some fascists blaming the Bad Reactors in Calicornia and shitty nuclear waste there on the sate of California, for spending so much money on illegal immigrant and poor peoples health care there.
    I thought, what a flipin joke these fascists are.

    The federal government Built the reactors in california and created the nuclear waste crisis at the old Naval station at San Onofre, by San Diego. The federal government subsidized all the reactor building in America and passed the Price Anderson act to absolve responsibility.. The fascist american government builds all the nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons that are poisoning the shit out of america by making more radionuclide poison.
    The federal government is the only one with the know-how and resources to deal with the nuclear messes in america . The stupid, evil-clown steps in. He makes the nuclear a thousand times worse. He restarts a horrible nuclear arms race
    Half of california runs to mexico every weekend to get affordable medical, dental care and medication.
    The so-called. Silicon Valley masters of the universe are rarely the targets of anti-fascist protests.

    The easiest and least powerful targets are chosen instead. That because we are all addicted to their bullshit and also it is all most of us can do. Especially the young people.

    There is grave danger in america now. The threats of nuclear meltdowns are very real now, since fukushima. The oldest and worst reactors in the world in america are buoyed by this fascist, imbecile president. There was just a major nuclear event in russia from this imbeciles, strong reinitiation of a useless nuclear arms race.
    The average young person in america has to pay most of their measley income in rent. The Nuclear Mic jobs do nothing for them. Corporate america and the imbecile clown are sucking america dry while fostering violence and insanity.

    What is left of The middle class is getting totally screwed by the new fascism of the stupidevil clowns pupeteers through transference of the tax burden to working class and middle by no propert tax write offs as rents and property taxes go astronomically high. The pupeteers now pay no taxes.

    There has to be an existential and even spritual awakening to save america and propbably the world now. Agnostics, Religious People, NeW agers, atheists need to coalesce to save humanity and life, with the common belief that we and our children are worth saving. A manifest across america, is probably the only thing left in these dark, demented-polluted times.


    • Your point about the federal government being the only party with the capability to deal with nuclear plants has always troubled me, Gloria. I guess the only solution is to recruit nuclear workers and win them over to our side.


      • Actually you are correct dr bramhall. In all three cases that i worked on it was like a democratic uprising in the communities to get the two piles moved and the reactor shut down The people in 5 communities jumped down the governments throat and are still on them like flies on shit and the workers are all local This article is perfect for this discussion because corporate nuclear malfeasance is the ultimate fascism and in each reactor shutdown and nuclear waste pile hauled and diluted and buried peoperly it has been like a mini revolution and this fascist bastard president is out to stop that dead in its tracks and let the corporations kill all of us. The thing i dont get is that they are killing themselves and their children too all for blood money


    • There will b no capitalism to dismantle. There will be a few more nuclear catastrophes and that will be it. No crazy man has ever deregulated supervions of nuclear reactors like this before or pushed to keep ones ready toexplode to stay opned like this before.Too bad for everyone.


  2. The Corporations that run nuclear reactors in america, always steal a lot of the money or all of the money they are supposed to set aside to remdiaiate the nuclear waste and break down the reactor properly because that is capitalism.
    There was a nuclear waste pile, with 20 million tons of nuclear waste that was poisoning a community it was in and several communities downstream.
    The corporation that created the mess stole all the money, it was supposed to set aside for remediation. It declared bankrupsy because that is capitalism! The pile sat for 40 years poisoning the shit out of the community, its water supply and several communities down stream. It went on until the people in the community and several powerful interests got off their asses , fired a few politicians and got things done.

    This president represents the most extreme form of capitalism and it is too bad for his kids and for us. because it wants all reactors deregulated which has never been done before and it does now want any of them shut down. It is takings steps thru cr p nyism to insure that nuclear waste is left in piles and in dangerous casks above ground for corporate profits that are pousoning aquifers and assuring nuclear catastrophes of volatile watse along with reactor catastrophes and it is committed to this extreme form of the most pathological capitalism practices that are pretty much loses lose for everyone.
    The russians put their hearts into saviving russia and europe from chernobyl. the same cannot be said of what this president is doing here or what is being done in japan or by setting the world up for any nuclear conflict

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