NZ History: Rediscovering the big picture of Empire in Aotearoa

“During the period of New Zealand Wars (1845-1872), the secret society of Freemasonry was, essentially, an expression of oligarchism, which is the belief in the right of super-rich people to rule over humanity through the structural domination of resources, including institutions, covert networks and the exploitation of secret mechanisms. Historians of the New Zealand Wars and the New Zealand’s formative history have largely overlooked the instrumental role that Freemasonry played to absorb New Zealand into the British Empire. “

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Mechanism of Imperial Conquest During the ‘Native Troubles’

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Invisible Brotherhood:Freemasonry ensured their secret role in the New Zealand Wars vanished by omission in the early reports, records and recollections of the Colonial Pākehā ruling class.

By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards

Re-Discovering the Big-Pictureof Empire in Aotearoa

One hundred and forty-five years after the wars between native Māori and British imperial and colonial forces ended, most New Zealanders remain oblivious to the conflicts’ Masonic underpinnings. For those not disposed to empathize with Māori, this obliviousness works as a vector that transmits racism throughout the British-American tax haven jurisdiction of New Zealand. Furthermore, this racial prejudice persists structurally throughout the realm of New Zealand’s major and significant economic, political and cultural institutions.

This colour-based prejudice against the native people of New Zealand hides a largely ignored problem of class-stratification, or a hierarchy of…

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2 thoughts on “NZ History: Rediscovering the big picture of Empire in Aotearoa

  1. Interesting article. The author claims that “The primary secret mechanism by which the British Empire spread throughout the ‘New World’ was through the secret society of Freemasonry.” Although the Freemasons do exist in Guyana, formerly British Guiana, I’ve never heard that they played any major role in establishing the colony.


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