The World Is Uniting for International Law, Against US Empire

Illegal unilateral coercive measures have contributed to the deaths of 40,000 Venezuelans in 2017 and 2018. A leading Venezuelan Economist, Francisco Rodríguez, says the Trump Administration’s sanctions are costing Venezuela $16.9 billion annually and threaten a famine that could cause hundreds of thousands of deaths. Two days after Trump’s new Executive Order was signed, a ship carrying 25 thousand tons of soy-made products for food production in Venezuela was blocked.

Counter Information

Global Research, August 12, 2019

We oppose the extraterritorial application of unilateral measures.

That is not Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, Russia, or China talking about the most recent unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States against Venezuela, i.e. economic sanctions that have become an economic blockade, but the European Union. Even allies who have embarrassed themselves by recognizing the phony “interim president” Juan Guaido are saying the US has gone too far.

All of the countries listed above and many more have stated their opposition to the escalation of the US economic war against Venezuela. Venezuela, along with Iran, has become a prime target of US regime change, and both are uniting the world in opposition to US bullying behavior, which is hastening the demise of US domination. Popular social movements are growing against US unilateralism and violations of international law.

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2 thoughts on “The World Is Uniting for International Law, Against US Empire


    “Epstein preyed on young girls whose families were struggling with money, came from foster homes, or were on the brink of homelessness.”

    He turned underaged girls into prostitutes.

    “The best lawyers money could buy won him the famous “sweetheart deal” that made sure his prison sentence would be at worst a mild inconvenience. While restrictions on non-billionaire sex offenders can be so stringent they end up living permanently under a bridge.”

    Provided underaged girls for Donald Trump.

    “Epstein wanted to flood the human gene pool with his DNA by artificially impregnating scores of women at his New Mexico ranch. He also wanted his head and penis frozen for some as-yet-undisclosed purpose.”

    Peter Thiel The Billionaire Vampire

    Peter Thiel’s interest in reversing the aging process by transfusing the blood of the young girls and boys has long been known.

    Gates is Using your tax money to play with the worst poison on earth.  Bill and melinda gates and Buffet claim they helped people in other parts of the world and they really have done little but at least they thing about some humanity. Meanwhile Millions in seattle and the USA are homeless.

    Half of america is impoverished now.


    Jason Hoxie
    “Our children are suffering in other ways
    Traditional money advice is laughably out of touch.

    “The standard personal finance advice doled out these days is to save at least three months of expenses, save for retirement, and spend less than a third of your income on housing.

    But when you don’t have enough to cover rent, student loans, and insurance, not to mention groceries, where’s all this saving going to come from? What’s the advice for the 40 million of us earning under $15 an hour, whose jobs don’t cover the cost of living?”

    Trump the fake billionaire gave tax breaks to the billionaires that took a tax writeoff away from middle class and small time landlords for property taxes. Trump gave a thumbs up on camera to the racist gunman in El Paso that massacred 22 people.  19 mass shootings ins the ppast year mostly of school kids by white supremescists and trump encourages it.
    Trump and fascistn usa is strangling Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran to death so there will an explosive diaspora of refugees and immigrants like central america, libya, syria iraq.
    13, 000 toddlers held at the border held in cages  tortures sexually abused. Permanently separated from their parents. will growup as sex slaves or in the penal system. such good christiam people trump ans his supporters are
    The usa has massive homelessness. What a goddamned joke. Worse than third world. Small towns with homeless camps in industrial and radioactve ghettos. It is everywherw. The FBI is out in force harrassing rednecks in west texas that do not want 40000 tons of the worst radioactive waste parked in damaged casks in their back yard.
    Bushs FBI infiltrated and terrorized Veterans For Peace in every major american city during Shrubs illegal iraq wars and reign of terror-fear mongerings. Trumps fourth reich reign of terror is a setup to deprive 80 percent of america of Basic Civil Rights. Trump has commented recently on how he will censor the internet in his second term.
    A new world order based on doestic terror and white supremacy.

    Crappy deregulated reactors ready to blow like fukushima. The chemical and radioactive pollution will eventually disable everyone. And yes they want more victims please so most can rot in radioactive puke blood piss and shit and grabage as mmore accidents occur and reactors blowup


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