Support Venezuelans in Feeding Themselves

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Support Venezuelans in Feeding Themselves

Support Venezuelans in Feeding Themselves: Emergency Solidarity FundThe Venezuelan economy is choked by sanctions that have blocked access to food, medicines and finances, costing an estimated 40,000 livesand undermining the right to food. Ordinary Venezuelans struggle to put food on their tables on a daily basis. This campaign is a concrete way to support existing, effective grassroots solutions. 

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4 thoughts on “Support Venezuelans in Feeding Themselves

  1. My days of international involvement are over and the larder is close to bare here. For the last couple of decades I’ve been practising, “Think globally, act locally” as an individual, avoiding politically and religiously laden group think and action. Binder dundat! However it should be interesting to see if the younger generations pick up on such calls for justice instead of continuing their mad drive to the endless purchase of new toys, the kind of lifestyle that make the likes of terrorists the likes of Jeff Bezos so easily possible. Exponential mindless consumerism drives endless wars and in centralized economies sanctions are economic wars, deadlier than militaristic approach. Relatively cheap for the empire and they kill a lot more people… silently… so that beneficiaries of the empire’s “largesse” never need to question who’s paying the tolls.


    • Society is wearing us down in so many ways, Sha’Tara, it’s hard to decide which front to fight on. Where I can, I’m inclined to support grassroots movement that are independent of the non-profit industrial complex.

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  2. Better to help a country like this than have an explosive diaspora of refugees and immigrants like central america, libya, syria. Most western plutocracies are radioactive chemical shitholes. The usa has massive homelessness. What a goddamned joke. Worse than third world. Small towns with homeless camps in industrial and radioactve ghettos. Its fourth world a new low in huuman degradation. The chemical and radioactive pollution will eventually disable everyone. Send more victims please so we can all rot in radioactive puke blood piss and shit


  3. It’s intriguing what we can support now, Gloria, with independent crowd funding platforms. I think we can anticipate that the US will try to strangle (or starve) any alternatives to the capitalist model that emerge.


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