South Korea Weary of Japan’s Plans to Dump Fukushima Daiichi Radioactive Water into the Pacific

The Japanese government has decided to take the “cheapest and fastest” way to dispose of Fukushima nuclear-contaminated wastewater, which is to discharge it into the Pacific Ocean.


Storage tanks for radioactive water are seen at Tokyo Electric Power Co’s (TEPCO) tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Okuma town, Fukushima prefecture, Japan, in this picture taken on Feb. 18.
Greenpeace warns Korea of Japan’s radioactive water discharge
August 8, 2019
An international environment organization has said that Japan plans to discharge radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean in the near future and Korea will fall particularly vulnerable.
Greenpeace Korea, the global NGO’s branch in Seoul, reposted on Facebook, Wednesday, a column by its nuclear specialist Shaun Burnie published in The Economist, saying Japan is planning to discharge more than 1 billion liters of contaminated water stored at the Fukushima nuclear plant since the massive earthquake and nuclear disaster of 2011.
Burnie wrote in his article that the Japanese government has decided recently to take the “cheapest and fastest” way to dispose wastewater, which is to…

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2 thoughts on “South Korea Weary of Japan’s Plans to Dump Fukushima Daiichi Radioactive Water into the Pacific

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  2. The South Koreans should be weary. Japan is out of control
    It is a major nuclear cabal country. Korea realy is too with 22 reactors in a tiny area the size of new hampshire.

    The Americans, Russians, British, French, Germans have dumped hundreds of thousands of tons of the worst nuclear waste into the oceans over the past 70 years. Millions of tons if u count low level waste from uranium. Just a little radionuclide pollution can do a lot. Radionuclides are billions to trillions of times more reactive, catalytic, and toxic than the worst chemical poisons.

    The oceans are contaminated, by years of bomb testing and radioactive runoff from from reactors, nuclear waste and bomb making. Fukushima is the tip of the iceberg. It could also be a tipping point. The fukushima catastrophe is so large .

    The americans british, french, russians have abandoned nuclear subs in the oceans. The americans left at least two nuclear reactors in the arctic with hundreds of thousands of tons of nuclear waste. Think of all the hydrogen bombs the americans and french detonated in thhe pacific.The russians pushed 14 nuclear reactors into the sea and are parading nuclear icebreakers and floating nuclear reactors around. The russians have some of the largest nuclear waste dump on the baltic. The british have one of the largest nuke waste dumps at sellafield close to the sea. The germans and french have been shipping the worst nuclear waste to the coast of somalia for years, to go into the ocean. The French dribble raw plutonium into the english channel at lahague from their nuclear waste reprossing plant.The nuclear cabal is completely untrustworthy . It lies about everything. They cover each others lies.

    From Chemical Wikipedia, personal experience, Journals of Chemistry, Wikipedia All Public domain Popular Mechanics

    I show you this to illustrate how filthy Nuclear energy Really is.
    Making Plutonium from Neptunium
    One of the Many Ways to Reprocess Used Fuel. One of the many multistep process for getting plutonium for mox in reactors. No one ever talks about the fithy multistep multicontaminating steps it takes to get this evil shit. No wonder most of the original nuclear chemistry , physics and enginer guys, died before they were thrity of forty or sixty, depending on how old they were when they started. The young postdoc nucapes died young
    Making Plutonium or processing any radioclides involves multistep chemical Processes that a.Contaminates Chemical Solvets and reactants
    b. Contaminates all equipment
    c. Contaminates all workers

    Making Plutonium
    A. Separate out Protactinium
    1. Pour the powdered plutonium precurser into a beaker, add nitric acid, and cook it until it has dissolved and the solution takes on a dark green color.
    2. Then the liquid is poured through a column of silica glass beads, whose surface attracts protactinium. The remaining liquid is hilevel radionuclide waste

    B. Denitritration
    1.The liquid solution is rotated in a heated kiln until it sifts out, again in a powdered oxide form. 2.This powder is mixed with powdered aluminum and pressed into pellets the size of a 5/8-inch socket, which are loaded into aluminum rods

    C. Irrdadiate Neptunium-aluminum powder to make target plutonnium.

    D. Dissolving the Iradiated product plutonium-neptunium in nitric acid and following multistep processes of extraction, evaporation and separation to create a final product.

    Purifying uranium from ore is a 20 to Fifty step process Using Sulfuric Acid, Hydroxides, Flocculents Plastic Resins, Other Chemicals. The conversion of the Uranium Oxide to Uranium Hexafluride and, then cetrifuge enrichment, is even worse!

    Gosh sounds so easy and clean!


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