Olympic Games designed to downplay the nuclear crisis in Fukushima

“Opponents are concerned that the immense amount of money, materials and labour spent on the Olympics would be lost to the disaster-hit regions in the north east of Japan, and especially those affected by the nuclear catastrophe. Refugees are currently to be forced by financial pressure to return to areas that have been evacuated after the 2011 triple disaster, despite still significantly increased levels of radiation . . .”

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

In reality, these Games are about forgetting the nuclear accident itself and with it “the victims of the nuclear accident”

Refugees are currently to be forced by financial pressure to return to areas that have been evacuated after the 2011 triple disaster, despite still significantly increased levels of radiation, as retired nuclear physicist Hiroaki Koide is pointing out. According to him, the fact that even children or pregnant women have to live with a twenty-fold increased limit for annual radiation exposure (from 1 millisievert per year before and up to 20 mSv after the incident), “is something that cannot be accepted at all”.

The Olympics are being organised “so that people in Japan forget the responsibility of the state for the nuclear accident,”

“What’s really dangerous, is that “the athletes will tell the world that Fukushima is safe”

‘Bad for Fukushima, bad for democracy’
07.08.2019 By Andreas Singler

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5 thoughts on “Olympic Games designed to downplay the nuclear crisis in Fukushima

    • What concerns me, Gloria, is all the athletes who plan to go, train and compete. They are all at higher risk due to their youth. And owing to their higher respiratory and metabolic rate, surely they would face higher exposure rates, wouldn’t they?


  1. Look at what just happened in Russia. An accidental nuclear detonation.
    The oceans are contaminated, by years of bomb testing and radioactive runoff from from reactors, nuclear waste and bomb making. Fukushima is the tip of the iceberg. It could also be a tipping point. The fukushima catastrophe is so large . They are covering so much up.
    Carole Gallagher
    A Missile Explosion, a Radiation Spike, and Kremlin Secrecy Bring Back Memories of Chernobyl thedailybeast.com/a-missile-expl… via @thedailybeast
    2:40 PM – 9 Aug 2019
    A Missile Explosion, a Radiation Spike, and Kremlin Secrecy Bring Back Memories of Chernobyl
    A mysterious explosion in an are where nuclear missiles are tested, then a spike in radioactivity and an official cover-up. To many Russians it all sounds so familiar To Japanese Americans French British too.

    The nuclear cabal has always been a cult of secrecy & deception–from the effects of open air testing on the downwinders in NV & Utah to French testing in Polynesia to the size & potency of Israel’s nuke arsenal. None of these countries should be believed about anything
    The Americans, Russians, British, French, Germans have dumped hundreds of thousands of tons of nuclear waste into the oceans over the past 70 years. Just a little radionuclide pollution can do a lot. Radionuclides are billions to trillions of times more reactive, catalytic, and toxic than the worst agent orange.

    Some of the dumn bastards, that set off the first bombs, were afraid it might set part of the atmosphere on fire. They did it anyway. They will not tell us the environmental cascades, that things like radioactive krypton are doing to the upper atmosphere.
    Edison knew about the tumorogenic properties of radionuclides.  Muller knew about  the mutagenic in the 20s, from fruit fly experiments. They played with the extinction poisons anyway.
    They did not manage to completely set the atmosphere on fire but, they set the human genome on fire . The fuse is burning to our extinction.

    There will be one or more nuclear catastrophes in the usa in the next two years, with the extremely insane reckless regime, that is in power. It is like the Insane Reckless Abe regime in Japan.
    The Abe regime is opening damaged reactors, foisting radioactive food on the world, and putting people back in a huge radioactive death zone.
    Abe is opening damaged reactors that will fail as fukushima continues to dump. Abe is puting people in prision who say anything about it nuclear or fukushima.

    The fact that one or more nuclear reactors will blow up or meltdown in the usa, is not even a longshot anymore w what this irrational regime, has done . It has extended reactors, that should have been closed 10 years ago.
    They have ignored fortifying reactors in flood plains, hurrricane zones, earthquake zones post fukushima. They have completely deregulated reactor and nuclear waste supervision so, that catastrophe is aasured.
    There are now climate catastrophes placeing, multiple damaged old reactors, square in thhe middle of meltdowns, fuel fires, and explosions. Many reactors will just blow-up on their own, because they have holes and cracks in containment and little or no backup. Amercians are too stupid to do anything. We have been talking about it for years.

    Fukushima comes along and it is right there in your face Stupids.

    There will be no farmable land in america because it is already so radionuclide and chemical contaminated. Everyone will be sick because our radioactive toxin and chemical toxin loads are already so high.

    It will destroy what is left if the oceans.
    America is becoming more authoritarian by the day by catalyzing domestic terror and fear on the stupid americans. A fear campaign and reign of terror before the cancellation of all civil rights in america by this twisted regime like japan.

    Trumps FBI is busy tracking pipeline, and nuclear protestors right now.Trump is the embodiment of the corporate government of the the deep state.

    This insane asshole Bill Gates is opening the doors to his Terrapower. Based Reactors on that have blownup repeatedly. More of the worst nuclear waste. If there was a hundredth of a gram of cobalt 60 or plutonium in a room withe Bill Gates and one of his, or any chickenshit nuclear engineer, they would shit their pants.

    A tiny amount of any Betagamma radionuclide like Cobalt60 Strontium90
    Plutonium in a
    or any of the radionuclides from one of bill gates reactors would kill an army. You see pictures of Billionaire crazies like jeffrey epstein, fakebillionare trump and gates and realize they are not real people in any sense of the word. Peter thiel has a project going to get transfusions from young people to make himself look younger and live longer.


  2. Sheesh, athletes didn’t wanna participate in Rio because of the contaminated water, the bacteria and other crap they’d be swimming in… and now nuclear water? Umm… yeah.

    (and thanks to pop culture, when I saw olympic, Japan, and nuclear in the same heading, scenes from Akira popped into my head. Yeah, this’ll have worse long-term ramifications than a Tetsuo tantrum, that’s for sure…)


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