Rise and Fall of Guaidó: Six Months After the Self-Proclamation

“Envoys from Guaidó appropriate funds for humanitarian aid in Colombia. Diversion of money, embezzlement, inflation of figures, fraud and threats so that emissaries of President Guaidó are surrounded by luxuries.” This June 18 revelation brought Guaidó’s base support to the lowest levels and even the most radical anti-Chavistas began to lose faith in him.

Journal of People

by Edgard Ramírez

Orinoco Tribune | July 24, 2019

However, beyond the hectic media events, the entelechy of the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó’s self proclamation at the head of an alleged para-Government in Venezuela, he has not produced results and every day loses more impetus and support, inside and outside the country.

No forceful armed action – call it a coup d’etat or foreign intervention – has happened so far and the Government is riding through the political crisis against all odds, as it says.

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