Black Homeless Americans

Black Lives: America’s Homeless Epidemic

RT (2018)

Film Review

In this RT documentary, filmmakers visit homeless areas in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and St Louis. As a group, African Americans experience the highest levels of unemployment and poverty. This means they are disproportionately represented among America’s homeless.

In New York, RT interviews a homeless African American who has two masters degrees and worked 17 years as a marriage counselor. He became homeless after his wife died of breast cancer, which led him to a bout of psychotic depression and drug and alcohol abuse. He can’t obtain drug treatment owing to a history of violence associated with his mental illness.

In Los Angeles, filmmakers visit the now infamous tent city that has sprung up in Skid Row.

In Philadelphia, they visit the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, a privately run facility that serves three meals a day and runs a 180-bed shelter. Because 40% of Philadelphia residents are only two paychecks away from homelessness, they are full most nights and turn people away.

In St Louis, they interview the founder of Showers to the People. The latter converted a large box truck into a portable shower facility for the city’s homeless residents.




2 thoughts on “Black Homeless Americans

  1. Tragic
    In dickensonian England, at least people had rat-infested tenaments to stay in. The fascist vigilantes in america cities, that torment the homless are evil. They are People who have not experienced those levels of indigence or had a relative that has.
    A large percentage of homeless and indigent in america, are there from medical bills and medical bankrupcies. There are millions. I know of a primary care physician and a former psychiatrist that are homeless. If you think you cannot become disabled and homeless in dog-eat-dog, shithole, capitalist- america, you are wrong!
    It is like Nuclear reactors and bombs people think it is not a problem till they get cancer or a loved one does from it


    • There is a mushrooming number of people that are born with chemical-radionuclide, related diseases now. They become disabled from them.
      There is a mushrooming number of people who develop environmental disease and cancer, from radionuclides and chemicalsduring their live. They too become disabled or financially ruined.
      There has been an exponencial growth of indigence and homelessness from it in the last 25 years.

      Homelessness has skyrocketed since 2008, when the bankers destroyed the economy and made housing so unaffordable, for so many.
      The assholes will tell you the health problems and disabilities are from lifestyle choices or bad genes.


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