Is Turkey Now “Officially” an Ally of Russia? Acquires Russia’s S-400 making Exit from NATO Imminent?

Turkey is taking delivery of Russia’s S 400 missile defence system. What this signifies is that Turkey and Russia are now “officially” allies. The first shipment of the S-400 landed in Ankara on July 12, according to Turkey’s Ministry of Defense. (see image below)

Two more shipments are due, with the third delivery of “over 120 anti-aircraft missiles of various types… [scheduled] tentatively at the end of the summer, by sea.”

Reports confirm that the “Turkish S-400 operators will travel to Russia for training in July and August. About 20 Turkish servicemen underwent training at a Russian training center in May and June, …”(CNN, July 12, 2019)

How will the US respond?

In all likelihood, Erdogan’s presidency will be the object of an attempted regime change, not to mention ongoing financial reprisals directed against the Turkish Lira as well as economic sanctions.

What is unfolding is an all out crisis in the structure of military alliances. Turkey cannot reasonably retain its NATO membership while at the same time entering into a military cooperation agreement with the Russian Federation […]

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2 thoughts on “Is Turkey Now “Officially” an Ally of Russia? Acquires Russia’s S-400 making Exit from NATO Imminent?

  1. We’re standing firmly upon the ever-shifting sands of imperial political and military “alliances.” If the Europeans had had the balls to quit NATO when the Soviet Bloc imploded, things would be very different today. Instead of being an incestuous, genocidal, endless war theater, the Middle East might still be the place where you go to get your oil and America might be in international relations elementary school learning how not to be a bully. Israel might be contemplating sharing space with Palestinians and who knows but Russia might be a part of the EU with great economic benefit to all sides.


  2. Excellent point, Sha’Tara. It’s my understanding that the reunified German government strongly wanted to include Russia in the EU after the Soviet Union collapse. It was vetoed by the US, course – with Russia in the EU the US would have immediately lost any global economic advantage.

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