5G – The Global Human Experiment Without Consent

By Debra Greene, PhD, Guest Contributor

5G is the next generation of cell phone infrastructure, yet it is categorically different than its predecessors (4G/LTE, 3G, 2G, etc.). It is not a simple upgrade. It is a major increase – and change – in the type of wireless radiation to which we will all be exposed, without consent, whether we use this service or not.

5G builds on existing infrastructure and, in addition, uses extremely high (millimeter-wave) frequencies of 24 gigahertz (GHz) or more. These 5G signals don’t travel far, so antennas will be installed approximately every 2-10 homes in residential neighborhoods. 5G will significantly increase our wireless RF radiation (radio frequency microwave) exposure on a 24/7 and 365 days a year basis.

No Safety Studies

In a February 2019 U.S. Senate hearing, senior telecom executives admitted they have not done any safety testing on 5G, nor do they plan to do any. Currently, there are over two dozen cities in the U.S. and countless cities abroad that have 5G, yet there is no scientific evidence to support any claim of safety for it.

What related research does show is cause for alarm. Thousands of independent studies indicate adverse health impacts from wireless radiation. These range from cancer and sterility to DNA damage. The government’s human exposure guidelines haven’t been updated in more than 20 years, while radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi and wireless baby monitors has increased exponentially in that time.

Planet Earth Blanketed in Radiation

The 5G agenda is vast. It includes 200 billion transmitting objects, according to estimates, that will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020, with one trillion transmitting objects a few years later. 5G is meant to usher in more robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, including 5G antennas installed inside cars – behind our heads and irradiating our brains – so we can talk to people in other vehicles and instruct our driverless cars on where to take us.

5G base stations and 5G devices will have multiple antennas in phased arrays that work together to emit focused, steerable, laser-like beams that track each other. Each 5G phone will function like a mini cell tower, containing dozens of tiny antennas working together to track and aim a narrowly focused beam to search and connect with the nearest cell antenna. The FCC has adopted rules that permit those beams to be as much as 20 watts, ten times more powerful than levels allowed on current phones.

Alarming Evidence of Harm

More than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world demonstrate the harmful biological effects of wireless radiation. Because of their developmental stages, children are much more susceptible. In addition, wireless radiation effects are cumulative, putting children at greater risk.

Effects include:

  • Detrimental effects on fetal and newborn development
  • Detrimental effects on young children
  • Brain tumors and other cancers
  • DNA damage and altered gene expression
  • Neurological effects and cognitive impairment
  • Impaired sperm function and quality
  • Learning and memory deficits
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Altered metabolism
  • And more

The mechanisms of biological harm from wireless radiation were not well understood until Martin Pall, PhD, demonstrated how voltage-gated calcium channels are disrupted, resulting in excessive intracellular calcium ions affecting our cells. Numerous independent studies on millimeter-wave radiation already show a range of biological effects, indicating that an increase in frequencies may worsen harmful effects […]

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20 thoughts on “5G – The Global Human Experiment Without Consent

      • http://www.5g.org.nz/
        Stuart, I think this above link looks like it is to an interesting site! I published it in my post today.
        However, I also published the following link:


        Wade Sarver is the author of this blog.
        A lot of the tech talk is a bit beyond me. But the following what the author says I reckon is worth noting:
        ” . . . . You are destroying your health with your addiction to your smartphone and videos. It’s your constant staring at your smartphone and texting that is destroying your health. You’re looking down all the time is ruining your posture. Your lazy ordering of junk food from your smartphone is destroying your health. If you’re counting your steps, then it is helping your health if you don’t hurt yourself from all the walking. Honestly, 5G? Look at your habits fatty! Are you sitting in a chair hunched over in the dark eating nachos or Cheetos while staring at NetFlix on your smartphone? Then, when you run out of nachos or Cheetos, you may say out loud, “Alexa, order more shit that will clog up my arteries”. Then, 6 months later you wonder how the hell you put on 80 lbs of belly fat. Maybe buying that intravenous needle that can put beer directly into your bloodstream off the internet was not such a great idea after all. I read a report by Dimitris Mavrakis from ABI Research talking about how 5G and the spectrum will affect humans. I have 3 reports listed in the references section telling you that it is minimal. In fact, the power levels for 5G from the BTS will be lower. The fact is, they tried to increase radiation in rats and the cancer risk went up in female rats by 1%, maybe they spent too much time talking, I don’t know. All I know is that the governments around the world have regulations on the RF emi\ssions at a site, some are more stringent than others but most are concerned with the effect it will have on human health. It’s already there for your protection. Again, it’s the RF radiation, not 5g! Listen, stop blaming the devices and 5G and start using that device’s health apps. Count your steps, meditate, read a book about self-reflection and exercise. God almighty, take some responsibility for your own health, stop blaming 5G! You make your habits, not 5G. . . . “


      • D’you mean to say that for once and finally, all of mankind (man unkind?) will be heading together in the same direction? All this brouhaha and edjumacation and the only creatures we learned anything from were the lemmings, and their entire follow the leader show was a false flag… Kind of pathetic.

        Liked by 1 person

          • Tube, the only motivation I would have to get a gun is if they put a 5G transmitter on the lamp post in front of my house. I reckon shooting it down is the safest way to disable it without electrocuting myself. What do you think?


            • It seems Earthians thrive on surviving horrors. When the crusades fell upon Jerusalem, that was a horror show and the global population was around a quarter of a billion people. Since then there’s been the plague, genocides, endless wars of conquest, WWI, WWII, Hiroshima and Nagaski, the carpet fire-bombing of Dresden and a number of other absolute horrors that decimated millions of people practically overnight and yet here we are, overrunning the planet like mice under a hay stack in winter. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Out of control technological developments may, likely will, spell the end of man’s civilization (and I say good riddance!) but it won’t spell the end of Homo Sapiens. Perhaps sadly so for that species has showed little redemptive value and what purpose does it have? I believe it is it’s collective realization that is serves no purpose that will bring it to its deserved end, not a series of life destroying self-imposed horrors. 5-G, if it is implemented on a wide scale, will be but another of a series of horrors that people will automatically adapt to.


  1. We are surrounded by Radionuclide and Radiation Pollution now. Will life on earth make it? Very iffy

    Abandoned radioactive nuclear subs. Fukushima spewing crap into the ocean. The russians towing nuclear reactors in the arctic and dumping Radioactive waste into the oceans.
    The american military and French that have dumped raw nuclear waste into the oceans


    • I’m convinced that man was programmed to self destruct after the creature was given a number of chances to quantum leap into a mind space the “Teachers” described as human. The people of Earth they called “Earthians” and described their nature as pseudo human. Treating life humanely, living compassionately, being naturally empathetic are the traits of a true human. Throughout the millennia we were given all the information needed for us to make a choice to join the process called life. As a collective we always preferred violence and death. I believe that as a species we have passed our last chance for meaningful corrective change.


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